Santoninum. Santonin. Dose, 2 - 5 grs.; 1 - 3 dgms. A bitter principle prepared from the flowers of Artemesia maritima, var. Stechmanniana. Colourless, flat crystals, bitter. Scarcely soluble in cold water, sparingly in boiling ,1 in 40 of alcohol.

2Trochiscus Santonini. 1 gr. with the Simple Basis.

Sapo Animalis. Curd Soap. A soap made with sodium hydroxide and a purified animal fat consisting principally of stearin; contains about 30% of water. White, or almost so, dry, nearly inodorous; becomes horny and pulverisable when dried.

Sapo Durus. Hard Soap. Soap made with sodium hydroxide and olive oil; contains about 30% of water. Sodium oleate, greyish-white, dry inodorous; becomes horny and pulverisable when dry.

2Pilula Saponis Composita. Dose, 2 - 4 grs.; 12 - 25 dgms. (In l or 2 pills). - 60; Opium, 20; Syrup of Glucose, 20. About 2/5 gr. opium in each pill.

2emplastrum Saponis

15; Lead Plaster, 90; Resin, 2.5.

Sapo Mollis. Soft Soap. Made with potassium hydrate and olive oil. Yellowish-white or green, almost inodourous, and of an unctuous consistence.

1linimentum Saponis

9; Camphor, 4.5; Oil of Rosemary, 1.69; Alcohol, 72; Water, 18.

Sarsę Radix. Sarsaparilla. The dried root of Smilax ornata. Very tough, long flexible roots, brownish in colour, odourless, taste slight and bitter.

2Extractum Sarsę Liquidum. Dose, 2 - 4 fl. dr.; 8 - 15 c.c. - 100; Glycerin, 10; Alcohol, 20% sufficient to produce 100: by repeated percolation.

3Liquor Sarsę Compositus Concentratus. Dose 2 - 8 fl. dr.; 8 - 30 c.c. - 100 ; Sassafras Root, 10 ; Guaiacum Wood, 10; Dried Liquorice Root, 10;

Mezereon Bark, 5; Alcohol, 22.5; Water, q.s.; by repeated infusion, extraction and evaporation.

Sassafras Radix. The dried root of Sassafras officinale. In large branched pieces more or less covered with a rough brownish bark: odour agreeable; peculiar, aromatic, astringent taste.