Rosoe Gallicae Petala. The dried and fresh unexpanded petals of Rosa gallica. The fresh petals are purplish-red; occur in little cone-shaped masses; odour fragrant; taste somewhat bitter, feebly acid and astringent. Contains a small quantity of tannic acid.

Confectio Rosę Gallicę. Fresh Petals, 25; Sugar, 75.

Infusum Rosę Acidum. Dose, 1/2 - 1 fl. oz.; 15 - 30 c.c. - 2.5; Diluted Sulphuric Acid, 1.25; Water, boiling, 100.

Syrupus Rosę. Dose, 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. - 4; Sugar, 60; boiling Water, 40.

Oleum Rosa. (Otto of Rose.) The oil distilled from the fresh flowers of Rosa damascena. A pale yellow crystalline semi-solid with the strong fragrant odour of rose and a sweet taste.

Aqua Rosae. Prepared by the distillation from the flowers of Rosa damascena.

3Unguentum Aquae Rosę. - 42; Beeswax, white, 9; Spermaceti, 9; Almond Oil by weight, 54; Oil of Rose, 0.1.

Rosmarinus (See Oleum Rosmarani p. 77).

Saccharum Lactis. Milk Sugar. (Lactose.) In crystalline masses, with a sweet taste.

Saccharum Purificatum. Refined Sugar. (Succrose.) Referred to through this book as sugar. Obtained from the Sugar-cane, sweet, crystals. Soluble 2 in 1 of water.

1Syrupus. Syrup. - 66.6; boiling Water, to produce 100 by weight.

3Syrupus Aromaticus. Dose, 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. - 50: Cinnamon Water, 25; Tincture of Orange, 25.

2Syrupus Glucosi. Syrup of Glucose. - 66.6; Liquid commercial glucose. 33.3.

Salicinum. Salicin. Dose, 5 - 20 grs.; 3 - 12 dgms. A crystalline glucoside obtained from the bark of various species of Salix and Populus. Colourless, shining crystals with a bitter taste; soluble 1 in 28 of water, 1 in 60 of alcohol.

Salol. Salol. Dose, 5 - 15 grs.; 3 - 10 dgms. Phenyl salicylate. C6H4OH.COOC6H5. Colourless crystals, with a faint aromatic odour and a slight taste. Almost quite insoluble in water, soluble 1 in 12 of alcohol, 1 in 10 of liquid paraffin, and in fixed and volatile oils, very slightly soluble in glycerin

Acidum Salicylicum. Dose, 5 - 20 grs.; 3 - 12 dgms. Oxybenzoic acid, C6H4.OH.COOH. Colourless crystals, taste at first sweetish then acid and leaving a burning sensation in the mouth. Soluble 1 in about 500 of cold, 1 in 15 of hot water, 1 in 3 of alcohol, 1 in 200 of glycerin. Incompatibles, carbonates (C02 freed), lead acetate, silver nitrate, ferric salts (violet colour produced), potassium iodide, and chlorate, spirits of nitrous ether, quinine sulphate; damp powders or liquids are formed when triturated with lead acetate, sodium phosphate and anti-pyrine.

3unguentum Acidi Salicylici

2; Paraffin Ointment, white, 98.

Sodii Salicylas (see p. 95).

Sambuci Flores. Elder Flowers. The flowers of Sambucus nigra. Small, flowers, with a slightly bitter taste, and a sweet faint and not altogether agreeable odour.

Aqua Sambuci

100; Water, 500; distil over 100.

Santal (see Oleum Santali p. 77).