The dried rhizome and rootlets of Cimicifuga race-mosa, an indigenous plant, containing a volatile oil, two resins, and tannin.

Cimicifuga has antispasmodic action. In moderate doses it has been used as a stomachic and cardiac tonic, and it increases somewhat the action of the skin and kidneys. In large doses it slows the heart, and raises blood-pressure, acting like digitalis, and in excessive doses it produces giddiness, severe headache, and prostration. No cases of poisoning are known. The preparations should not be kept long, as they spoil with age.


Fluidextractum Cimicifugae. Fluidextract Of Cimicifuga

Average dose,  xv.-I mil.

Tinctura Cimicifugae. Not Official. Tincture Of Cimicifuga

Average dose, ʒ i.-4 mils.