The root of Rheum officinale, from China.

Rhubarb contains cathartic acid, a peculiar tannic acid, a yellow coloring matter, etc.

Rhubarb acts entirely on the alimentary canal. In small doses it is stomachic, strengthening appetite and digestion. In large doses it is a cathartic, with astringent after-effects.

In its purgative action the liver is stimulated as well as the intestinal glands, and evacuation takes place in six or eight hours, accompanied by some griping pain.

Preparations Of Rhubarb

Fluidextractum Rhei. Fluidextract Of Rhubarb

Average dose,  xv.-i mil.

Syrupus Rhei. Syrup Of Rhubarb

Average dose, ʒ iiss.-10 mils.

Tinctura Rhei. Tincture of Rhubarb. Average dose, ʒ i.-4 mils.