Jaborandi, if applied to the conjunctiva, causes contraction of the pupil, with disturbances of vision. The effect is shown in about ten minutes, and in an hour or two after begins to pass off, disappearing entirely within twenty-four hours. Pilocarpine, or the preparations of jaborandi, enter the blood rapidly, and pass into the tissues. The most prominent action of the drug is that of a prompt and powerful diaphoretic and sialogogue. It is also a cardiac and motor depressant.

When 60 to 90 grains of the infusion of jaborandi are given to an adult, after about ten minutes the face and neck are flushed, and salivation and perspiration set in. These symptoms may appear in five or six minutes after a hypodermic injection of the alkaloid.

Perspiration begins on the face, and extends downward, lasts from three to five hours, and is profuse in the extreme, amounting to ℥ ix.-xv., and becomes alkaline in reaction, if it is not so at first. The flow of saliva may equal ℥ x.-xxv. It is sometimes the case that with profusion of one secretion there will be scantiness of the other. The secretions of the eyes and nose are stimulated. Sometimes nausea and vomiting are caused. The pulse is at first stimulated and quickened, but as diaphoresis goes on it becomes slow and weak. The respirations are lowered, and apnoea may result from an increase in the mucus of the bronchial tubes. The temperature falls from 1° to 4°, and a depressed condition results, with pallor, chilliness, and general weakness, lasting several hours.

The pupils are contracted, and vision impaired.

Jaborandi, in small doses, is diuretic, and increases the elimination of urea.

The patient undergoing the diaphoretic action of jaborandi should be placed between blankets, and the depression is to be combated by external heat, which also assists the diaphoretic action of the drug.

Within three to six hours the effects have passed away.

OEdema of the lungs is the untoward effect most to be dreaded in giving pilocarpine. A person literally drowns himself with his own sweat at times.


Fluidextractum Pilocarpi. Fluidextract Of Pilocarpus

More certain in action, less nauseating and disagreeable to take than the infusion of jaborandi, which was formerly used. Average dose  xxx.-2 mils.

Pilocarpinae Hydrochloridum. Pilocarpine Hydrochloride

Average dose by mouth: gr. 1/6-0.01 Gm. Average dose by hypodermic: gr. 1/12-0.005 Gm.