Arseni Trioxidum. Arsenic Trioxide. Arsenous Acid

Average dose, gr. 1/30-0.002 Gm., well diluted and given after meals.

Liquor Acidi Arsenosi. Solution Of Arsenous Acid

Contains arsenic trioxide 1 part in 100, and diluted hydrochloric acid 5 parts in 100.

Average Dose, E III

0.2 mil, well diluted and given after meals.

Liquor Potassii Arsenitis. Solution Of Potassium Arsenite. (Fowler's Solution Of Arsenic.)

Contains tr. of lavender and arsenic trioxide and bicarbonate of potassium, 1 part of arsenic in 100. Five minims represent gr. -1/24.

Average Dose, E III

0.2 mil, well diluted and given soon after meals.

Arseni Iodidum. Arsenous Iodide

Average dose, gr. 1/12-0.005 Gm.

Liquor Arseni et Hydrargyri Iodidi. Solution of Arsenous and Mercuric Iodides. (Donovan's Solution.)

A very powerful alterative, containing 1 % each of iodide of arsenic and red iodide of mercury. It is capable of acting as a corrosive poison, and may salivate. Locally it is a violent irritant.

Average dose, e 1 1/2-0.1 mil, well diluted.

Cupri Arsenis. Not Official. Paris Green

Is not used medicinally, but is often taken as a means of suicide.

It may be repeated in conclusion that all preparations of arsenic should be given well diluted, and soon after meals, to avoid the local irritant action on the stomach; and that it is necessary to keep close watch for the constitutional symptoms, which may at first be so unobtrusive as to escape notice.