A compound of alkaloids contained in the seed of Asagroea officinalis, a plant of the veratrum group.

It is exceedingly poisonous, and is little used internally. Poisonous doses cause convulsions and tetanus, with death from asphyxia. Externally it is irritant, causing prickling and tingling, redness of the skin, numbness, and vesication. The unguent is a powerful counter-irritant, but needs to be used with care, special pains being taken not to get it near the eyes, as it may cause violent irritation of the conjunctivae.

The official ointment usually requires dilution.


Unguentum Veratrinae. Not Official. Veratrine Ointment

Strength, 4%. For external use.

Oleatum Veratrinae. Not Official. Oleate Of Veratrine

Strength, 2%. For external use.