This is a well-known herb, growing very common; it ranks next to the Emetic Herb for an Emetic, and may be used for that purpose either alone or combined with Thoroughwort. It is good to prevent a fever in its first stages. This herb has been used with considerable success in consumption, curing cases which other remedies failed to cure. It may be used in a tea made of the dry herb, or prepared in powder like the Emetic Herb, (1)

This is the ordinary blue vervain common to all sections. An ounce of the herb makes a strong infusion, to be used freely in old cases of ague. It is intensely bitter, and has a strong influence upon the liver and stomach. Made into a syrup with twice its amount of Wahoo and Butternut, it constitutes a valuable preparation for chronic constipation in malarial difficulties. (2)

This plant is a bitter relaxing and stimulating nervine. In hot infusion it influences a good circulation toward the capillaries and soothes the nervous system throughout. The liver, gall ducts and bowels are all influenced by it. It gives favorable results in billiousness, periodic bilious attacks, and is somewhat anti-periodic. Boiling destroys considerable of its stimulating quality and leaves it a relaxing nervine. (3) Dose is from 15 to 30 drops.