If, instead of fear, you substitute hope; if, instead of pain, you give ease and comfort; if, instead of benumbing and deadening the sensatory nerves with a poison, you stimulate and strengthen with a real medicine, the life of a patient is often saved when otherwise that life would be lost. It is an appalling fact that actual murder is often committed by performing needless surgical operations, and giving poisons as medicine.

Young people desiring to study medicine, should seriously consider these essential features of this important question, before deciding what school of medicine to enter, or what system of practice to adopt Failure of the Old - Success of the New.

Why must we resort to new modes if we would be successful? Why have the old modes failed? Simply because the means employed were not adapted to accomplish the end desired.

For instance, in talking about a certain case, you will sometimes hear a physician say: "I have tried everything, but nothing seems to do any good." Now the real remedy or remedies suitable in the case he may be ignorant of, consequently, has not tried everything. The number of things tried, even if millions, amount to nothing, and may have done harm, if their tendency was not in line with the object sought. A physician should be able to judge of this. Here lies the test of his skill. Right remedies have a tendency to produce the result desired, but in a million wrong things there is nothing to cure.

One of these authorities, from whom we have quoted, says, "All Medicines Are Poisonous." Now real medicines are not poisonous at all. Poisonous drugs with which these authorities tried to cure were not medicines in the true sense of the term. The very nature of poison is to kill living matter. Medicine is a substance which tends to heal or to increase the life principle.

Poisonous drugs irritate and provoke the vital centers to increased action, and in spite of the poison, if a person possesses a good degree of vitality a cure may be effected. But poison never adds any permanent energy to these vital centers, and in cases where the force in the vital centers is very low, its effect is to exhaust it entirely and thus cause the death of the patient.

Real medicine is a substance that will increase the energy in the vital centers without injury. Taking this view of the matter, which is the opinion of the foremost authorities at the present time, and is substantiated by the past experience of eminent men in the medical profession, it can be clearly seen why the old school doctors have been so unsuccessful, and why those who have practiced allopathic system have been disappointed continually in producing the results which they sought.

It can readily be seen, therefore, if we are to gain our object, we must take the right course to do so, using the means and measures necessary. There are hundreds of non-poisonous remedies now in use which are being substituted for poisonous drugs with great benefit to all concerned. Many good external remedies are also available without running the least risk of poisoning the patient.

Every one, whether layman or physician, who holds in his hands the life of a human being should seriously consider what an awful thing it is to give a drug the tendency of which is to kill, while trying to cure. To say the very least, it is an exceedingly contradictory, and unreasonable act.

Another confession made by some of these eminent men is their ignorance of the real nature of physiological disorders called disease, and the uncertainty of the action of their remedies; hence, their conclusion, "medicine is not a science." It is not to be wondered at, that they came to this conclusion, when we take even a cursory glance at the unscientific remedies and methods which they employed in their efforts to cure. There has been a great deal of false reasoning in regard to medicine. For instance, a physician or patient complains that a certain cure or remedy has lost its effect. Now, if we will reasonably consider for only a moment, we can easily see that the nature of a remedy in itself never changes.

This is a truth of the greatest importance and should never be forgotten. On this point, Prof. Kirk says:

Circumstances Change but Essential Natures Never.

A remedy is always the same in nature, and will have the same effect whenever it is used in the same circumstances. It is not wise, merely to say that the remedy has lost its effect and throw it aside as useless. True skill in such a case looks to the circumstances. The remedy has done all it could reasonably be expected to do; but the circumstances have changed, and another effect is now required.

When we take the common sense view of the matter we are left free to discover the real remedy. We have seen the benefit of this many times over when the actual remedy was found, applied, and the patient cured. This remedy has often proved in many cases exceedingly simple. For instance, we have put a finger on the root of a nerve supplying the muscles to the part in which the pain was felt and that pain has instantly ceased. We have continued the treatment for perhaps half an hour or so and the pain has not yet returned. We were told that all our remedies had failed. Every one of those remedies had had its true effect and had never lost that, only it was another remedy that was wanted. That remedy was simply pressure gently applied to a troubled nerve. What was wanted was only a little knowledge of the wondrous system of the living frame of man. We remember a case of violent suffering in which the bed of the sufferer was shaken with the sore agony. We only placed a ringer on one of the affected nerves and all shaking and pain were gone and did not return. This was just one of these cases in which wise men and still more wise women tell you that all your remedies have lost their effect. They have lost nothing of the kind. Only a very gentle pressure on the right place, and that is no very costly remedy, and all is plain sailing. It is a most precious gift that is given to all who accept it, that of knowing how to pass from a remedy when it is not the right one, and so be open to find the true one. Let us understand the real nature of all things with which we have to deal, and let us work on that understanding. God himself will teach us when we follow in the light He gives us. Direct Medication in all Diseases now a Fact.