Dysury. - Incontinence. Difficulty in evacuating the bladder sometimes proceeds from palsy or debility of the abdominal muscles; the urine being forcibly expelled if a catheter is introduced. In such cases, the affection will generally yield promptly to faradisation of those muscles. In proper palsy of the muscular coat of the bladder, the electricity may be applied in the manner already described (see page 518), either by excitors introduced into the rectum and bladder, or into the bladder alone, or one into the bladder, and the other moistened and moved over the hypogastric region externally. Sometimes there is loss of sensibility in the mucous coat of the bladder; so that the urine accumulates because the patient is unconscious of its presence. All that is requisite for its evacuation is the exercise of the will. Here it is advisable to make the application directly to the internal coat.

In incontinence depending on paralysis of the sphincter or neck of the bladder, one excitor should be introduced into the rectum, and moved over the parts corresponding with the levator ani, while the metallic extremity of the other is brought, through the urethra, into apposition with the neck of the bladder.

11. Impotence may sometimes be usefully treated with electricity in this manner, applied to the organs of generation externally, and to the vesiculae seminales through the rectum or urethra.

12. Paralysis of the Rectum, and of the Sphincter Ani. Palsy of the rectum, which is indicated sometimes by an obstinate constipation, may often be relieved by faradising the rectum directly, in the manner before described. (See page 518).

In prolapsus ani. which is generally, when considerable, connected with relaxation of the sphincters of the anus, and in incontinence of the feces dependent on the same cause, one excitor may be introduced into the anus, and the other, in the form of a wet sponge, applied externally to the perinaeum. The operation may be continued eight or ten minutes. Obstinate cases of prolapsus in children have been promptly cured by this treatment.