The premature expulsion of the fetus has be come quite common among those who, though they designedly use no means to produce it, yet their habits of compressing the chest or tight lacing does do so, and still more so among those who resort to poisons to accomplish that object. Language cannot portray the wickedness of the latter, or folly of the former. Says Dr. Curtis "Of the multitudes that have sunk under the premature expulsion of the fetus, the dark and silent regions of the grave alone contain the record. I have no doubt that if all who have thus committed suicide, could array themselves before us, the effect would be insupportable to the most hardened feelings of our nature."

Other causes than those mentioned tend to produce abortion, such as falls, reaching too high, frights, lifting, hard labor, grief, etc. The usual symptoms are pain in the back, loins, and lower part of the abdomen, chills, nausea, flowing and palpitation of the heart.


In this case, the old adage is emphatically applicable, that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Let those who are expecting to become mothers, whose habits of compressing the chest predisposes them to an abortion, take one or two courses of medicine to relax the muscles of the abdomen, and two of the pills No. 1, at night. When the symptoms of abortion are exhibited, take freely of composition, and put a jug of warm water at the feet. If this does not relieve, take a full course of medicine, which, if it has not progressed too far, will prevent it; if so, it will assist nature to expel the fetus, the life of which has now become extinct in consequence of the detachment of the placenta; after which take the Female Restorative three times a day before eating, and two of the pills No. 1, at night.