Treatment for this trouble simply requires a course for building up the general health. The entire system of exercises here illustrated should be taken daily, each movement being continued until slightly fatigued. Long walks in the open air are advisable, unless too weak, though pure air should be procured at all times. A sitz bath, followed by a wet sheet pack, taken daily, will be found of advantage.


Immediately upon appearance of first symptoms give a wet sheet pack, followed or preceded by the colon flushing treatment. Wet sheet pack to be continued two or three times a day until symptoms disappear. No food of any kind should be given until a strong desire for same appears, and the desire for water should be encouraged in every way.

Nervous Debility:

Same treatment as for General Debility.


Apply hot and cold cloths to the affected parts, alternating from one to the other. Encourage drinking of hot and cold water all you can. Wet sheet pack will be found of advantage if convenient. No food should be eaten until strong desire for same appears.