Calisaya bark, 4 troyounces

Fresh orange peel, 2 troyounces.

Ceylon cinnamon, 1 troyounce.

Coriander seed, 1 troyounce.

Fennel seed, 1/4 troyounce.

Caraway seed, 1/4 troyounce.

Cardamom seed, 1/4 troyounce.

Cochineal, 1/4 troyounce.

Brandy, 40 troyounces.

Alcohol, 16 troyounces.

Water, 56 troyounces.

Simple syrup, 40 troyounces..

Reduce the orange peel to a pulp by concussion in an iron mortar, and mix the pulp with the remainder of the drugs, having previously reduced them to a coarse powder. Mix the brandy, alcohol, and water, and moisten the powder with an amount sufficient of this menstruum to prepare it for percolation. Pack the moistened powder in a suitable percolator, and extract it by percolation with the remainder of the menstruum. Lastly, mix this percolate with the simple syrup.

This formula was furnished the American Journal of Phar-macy, January, 1859, by Mr. Alfred B. Taylor, excepting that the manipulation has been slightly modified by us. This process furnishes a very palatable preparation, and at one time it was popular under the name "cordial elixir of calisaya." However, a slight precipitate occurs in it after standing, and, as a rule, pharmacists prefer an elixir made of the alkaloids. In our opinion, this elixir is often the preferable elixir of calisaya, but out of respect to the demands of trade, and combinations to be made, we shall recognize under compounds of calisaya an elixir made with cinchona alkaloids, as follows: