The National Formulary uses the title Elixir of Cinchona instead of Elixir of Calisaya. That preparation is somewhat different from the typical elixirs that have been fashionable under the name elixir of calisaya, and we therefore give to the elixir of cinchona a separate position, although the distinction is not technically correct. The formula of the National Formulary is essentially as follows:

Tincture of cinchona, U.S.P., 2 1/2 fluidounces.

Aromatic spirits, 2 fluidounces.

Syrup, 6 fluidounces.

Purified talcum, 120 grains.

Water, enough to make 16 fluidounces.

The liquids are to be mixed together, and, after having stood for twenty-four hours, the purified talcum is to be added and shaken therewith. The mixture is then to be filtered. Each fluidounces represents about fourteen grains of yellow cinchona.