We cannot look to the leaders and practitioners of the newer schools of so-called healing to lead the people into truth and health--they do not know the truth themselves. They are opportunists, frauds, and fakers who seek to use every awakening on the part of the people, not as an opportunity to present them with more truth, but as an opportunity for more exploitation. The self-professed liberals among us are not our friends. We must learn to observe the rule that who is not for us is against us. The half-devil, half-angel kind of mongrel is not a Hygienist. Those who go in for Dianetics, hypnotism, chiropractic, herbalism and other non-Hygienic methods and systems, however well meaning they may be, are foes of truth.

The system of Natural Hygiene, as taught and practiced in all the Hygienic institutions in America, is either founded in nature and is true or it is not. If true, it ought to be adopted at once as such, to the exclusion of all opposing theories and practices, with however much zeal these other systems are propogated, because truth knows no compromise. If Hygiene is not founded in nature and is not true, then it should be rejected as promptly and no man should engage in it. There can be no middle ground.

Co-existence is sold to us as the very quiescence of progress. How absurdly fantastic is the whole idea! Either Hygiene is true or it is false. If it is false, it could not co-exist. If it is true, then the systems that oppose it and that are based on principles that are necessarily false, should not co-exist.

The Hygienic System has its principles in the laws of nature themselves. It repudiates all the teachings of all the medical schools in the world, so far as principles and practices are concerned. Indeed, if there were not a drug-medical school, nor a drug-physician nor an apothecary shop in the world, and if there were not a cure-monger and treatment peddler of the non-drug schools of medicine in the world, it would be much easier to educate the people in a true science of life and health and it could be done in much less time than now, with all these stumbling blocks in the way. Every system, every method that misleads and confuses the people stands in the way of the advance of truth.

The future of Hygiene is assured because it rests upon a foundation of bed-rock truth. However slow or rapid may be its progress among the people, its ultimate acceptance by them is as certain as the rising of tomorrow's sun. Every new truth that is discovered, every new and valid principle that is developed, will but add to its lustre and its strength and render its application more effective. Perhaps there is already in the world all the knowledge needed to perfect the science and art of Hygiene, if it could be brought together and synthesized; perhaps there yet remains much to be discovered. The future progress of Hygiene must rest in increasing knowledge of the normal elements of life. As we learn more of biology and physiology, of food and sunshine, of exercise and rest, of the emotions and environmental stresses, our work will become more precise and will be applied with greater understanding.

The unity of nature means nothing if it does not also mean the unity of truth. Every discovery of new truth helps us to a fuller and better understanding and application of old truth. The accumulation of truth helps us to a better interpretation and application of it. For this reason, the discovery of new truths will result in the advance of Hygiene. Hygiene will be promoted and purified by every advance in physiological, nutritional and bionomic science. Our grandchildren will have a better knowledge of Hygiene and be better able to apply it than we of today. We are justified in regretting our own ignorance; we should never fear the advances that will provide for greater knowledge for the future.

What have we to fear from the findings of science? What have we to fear from the discovery of truth? These questions may seem like hollow mockery since the making of nuclear bombs. We note that the findings of science may constitute a menace to the future of the race. Actually, everything science has ever discovered has been a potential menace to the race, not, however, because truth is essentially a menace, but due to the fact that the real menace is ever present, ready to pervert and misuse every discovery that is made. The predatory forces that rule, exploit and ruin human society, not the truths that are uncovered by the searchings of scientists, constitute the real menace to the future of mankind. Altogether too many scientists, unfortunately, are in the employ of these forces and are their willing tools. For this reason, scientists have many crimes to answer for.

Of all the people in the world, Hygienists should desire and welcome the discovery of new truths, in the firm faith that every new truth that is discovered will support and render more meaningful the truths we already possess. We have less to fear and more to hope for in the discovery of truth than any other group.

Let us, then, have no fears of the bearings of any of the discoveries of science upon Hygiene. Every step of progress into the arcana of nature will prove a triumph for Hygiene. There is not a shadow of reason to fear any other result. Hygiene is true, whatever else is true, and we ought never to permit any doubts of its truth to arise because of some new discovery or alleged discovery. Scientists may disclose new truths galore, but they will not make anything untrue that was true before. The discovery of a new truth does not destroy an old truth. Whatever is true will forever remain true, whatever else may be found to be true. If there seems to arise a conflict between a new truth and an old one, it will be found to be only in appearance, if they are both really true. New truths can only throw more light on old truths--every truth fortifies every other truth.

The vital truths of Natural Hygiene will be accepted as certainly as was the truth that the earth is round and not flat and that the earth turns on its axis and that the sun does not go around the earth. The principles of Hygiene are perhaps as representative of our modern era as the theories of Copernicus and Gallelio were of their own time. The blind fumblings towards the solutions of problems that have challenged man throughout the historic period and the many mistakes that were made and are being made by the old systems are representative of mistakes in astronomy that prevailed before Copernicus. We need not be discouraged, although we may be excused our impatience with the slowness of progress.

While all the many schools of healing and of prophylaxis have been operating in modern society, disease and the drug industry have been increasing. It is evident that we shall have to look to some other source for a remedy for these evils. That source is Natural Hygiene. It proposes and makes its one object the removal of disease and the disease trades from the earth. The time has certainly come to tear away the veil of mystery with which the so-called healing art has so long been shrouded. It has been left to the advocates of the Hygienic System to teach the people a genuine science of life, the genuine ways of health, the real causes of disease and the genuine means of restoring health. Whatever may be the ultimate destiny of Hygiene, its present mission is to enlighten the world upon these most vital subjects, to popularize the science of life and to spread everywhere a knowledge of the laws of life. It is a glorious mission--let us labor earnestly for its full accomplishment.

Strong, naked, honest facts are what the public wants to satisfy them of the virtues of Natural Hygiene. It is not enough to enunciate principles--we must explain their practical operations and show the results of their applications. We must not only show how the sick ought to get well, but how they do get well. When the public mind has been duly enlightened on these matters, the difficulties that we have to contend with today will no longer be present. Disease will be understood as a restoring operation and will no longer be regarded as a destroying process or even a destroying entity.

Not secretly, but almost unobserved because generally ignored, there lives all over the world thousands of people who have accepted and act upon the principles of Natural Hygiene and upon these must we depend to erect the beautiful structure of a glorious future that will follow the inevitable collapse of the present evil and man-destroying system. But those who teach and those who practice, as well as those who support them, must recollect that the strongholds of error, walled in by blind reverence for ancient notions, consecrated by the first impressions of childhood and strengthened through life by constant association and habit, are not easily uprooted. The forces of Hygiene must be expanded and better fitted for the task before them. Whoever has truly immersed himself in the great truths of Hygiene and has really learned to understand and appreciate them should put forth every effort to extend its truth among the people around him. Well might we exclaim with the inspired poet:

"How beauteous are their feet,
Who tread on Hygeia's hill!"

No mere reform program will suffice. As reformers ignore the basic causes of evils and concentrate upon ameliorating some of the symptoms, they tangle themselves in absurdities and contradictions. One of the salient features of reform is that, however it expresses itself, it becomes pinched in its own cleft stick. This is a consequence of predicating its reasoning upon sentimentality rather than upon basic principles. If we content ourselves with scratching the surface instead of looking for causes, we are sure to become mere reformers. Reform is a mere palliative which fosters the very evils it seeks to relieve and causes it to blossom into some fresh evils.

The Hygienic movement cannot be all things to all men. It can be only one thing and all mankind must accept it in its purity and integrity or suffer for its lack of intelligent application of the only saving force in existence. Only the Hygienic movement, guided by its unswerving adherence to the valid principles of life and its deep sense of responsibility to the peoples of earth gives to the struggle for health freedom the importance it deserves. Only the Hygienic movement truly reveals the inner workings of the medical system.

Alcott gave it as his opinion that all systems of medicine were leading us "to one grand issue." He said: "Within a short time--it may be five hundred years, for that in history is a short time, but it may be in 50--all sensible and truly learned medical men, as a general rule, will give no medicine at all." By medicine, in this instance, he meant drugs. But he was mistaken in thinking that the drugging systems can lead mankind into true practices and into a knowledge of the truth about life and living.

Although at present Hygienists represent a small minority group in our country and in the world, we are the only group with a program that represents the genuine welfare of the people. Though our times are temporarily dark and troublesome, we can hear the guardian genius, Hygiene, proclaiming as with a voice of thunder, "All will be well."

Lo! I see strong virile races,
      When these drugging days are done,
Running, leaping with great vigor,
      Gleeful in the morning sun.