Just so long as our pleasure-crazed and self-indulgent people can be made to believe that disease is something apart from their daily life--germs or viruses or something over which they have no control--they will refuse to attempt to govern their frenzies, but will continue to wreck their health and life and, when they suffer, they will stupidly resort to palliatives and to surgical removal of affected tissues. The world is filled with means and methods of palliating symptoms and discomforts, but there is only one sure road to good health and this is the removal of the causes that impair health.

Sedatives and anodynes check elimination; to continue to administer these substances is to continue to check elimination. This is but one of the reasons that drugging prolongs the illness of the patient, where it does not kill outright. A mode of care that seeks merely to palliate the symptoms, the headache for example, does not make sense.

We are unwilling to bear the pain, to suffer the discomfort, to wait patiently upon the processes of life, while these correct the situation; instead, we reach for a pain killer, a tranquilizer, a cathartic, an anti-pyretic, or some other poison with which to smother the discomforts and add to our troubles. We should know that sedation is not rest; hypnosis is not sleep; stimulation is not vigor; tranquilization is not tranquility. An anodyne that smothers the sensation of pain does not produce a sensation of pleasure or euphoria. Drugs but feebly imitate; they do not duplicate the normal conditions of life. Harmless substances do not "relieve" pain.

All drug treatment is directed at palliation; but fighting the palliating schemes of the world, as these are exploited by commercialism, is a difficult and endless task. If the effects of wrong but "pleasurable" habits of life can be cured or if we can be immunized against them, why not have a "good time" and be immunized and cured? It is all too much like the electrotherapy that is employed in the effort to cure certain types of crime, which has proved to be a failure. It kills the patient but does not prevent the recurrence of crime.

To think that we can avoid suffering by prayer, kill it with drugs, cut it out with a knife, deny its existence with Christian Science, annihilate it with metaphysical soothing syrups or banish it with the magic of the shaman, while its cause is ignored, is not an intelligent way to view the problems of health and disease.

A man is in the habit of eating soup and salmon, oil and vinegar, ham and eggs, roast pig, all sorts of poultry, a half dozen incomprehensible French dishes and many more unmentionable American horrors, and then has the audacity to complain of being ill, as if it were possible for him to be anything else. When such eating produces discomfort and distress, he refuses to give up his disease-building eating practices, but wants a pill to provide him with relief. He has been taught to seek for relief rather than to remove causes; he has been conditioned to expect relief; he has been told that cause is unknown. Taking drugs to relieve the distress caused by wrong eating habits is like putting a pain killer on a painful heel instead of removing the tack that is causing the pain.

Get the sick man out of the false position he is in and get him into one that is in accord with nature and keep him there and he will become comfortable and remain so. This is not palliation, but a removal of cause. Sometimes all we can do is to stand in,the way between the patient and those miscellaneous ministers of drug substances which are most mischievous in their effects. Nothing they can have gleaned from the highways and byways of folly and fatuity can be more mischievous than the deadly prescriptions of their physicians, and every additional poison, is of course, an additional evil. Palliating practices, instead of removing cause, add to the cause, the additions often being more destructive than the original causes of suffering.

By habitual violations of the laws of life, by repeated indiscretions in his ways of living, a man becomes ill. His digestion is impaired, hence his nutrition suffers. He becomes emaciated. His elimination is checked and he becomes toxemic. Life becomes burdensome and he desires and seeks relief from his suffering. He consults a physician with full confidence that the gentleman of science will understand his malady and will have a remedy for it. He commences a course of drugging, receiving no benefit, but on the contrary, gradually failing. He tries another physician or another remedy, but with no better results. This process continues indefinitely; but no changes are made in his way of life, no causes are corrected, no violations of natural law are discontinued--hence no recovery is possible. Perhaps at this stage he begins to do a little thinking for himself. He searches for other means of recovery. He tries chiropractic, Christian Science, massage and similar modes of cure. These fail him. He tries exercise, concluding that he has been too sedentary. He walks; he does setting-up exercises; he exhausts himself--but he refuses to abandon his darling vices. His low state, caused by his wrong living and greatly aggravated by drugging, cannot endure so much exercise--he is hurt more than helped by the activity.

He takes to bathing--taking hot baths, cold baths, steam baths, plunges and rolls in the waters of the seaside and rolls and plunges for hours to wash away his disease. He basks in the sun on the beach, exposing his nearly nude body to the sun for hours. His skin becomes as black as that of the Ethiopians, his nerves lose power from the excess, and still he continues to go down in health. He tries diets. Juice diets, grape diets, dry diets, high protein diets, salt-free diets, vitamin pills--he runs the gamut of the trick diets; but the results are not satisfactory. He still has a most important lesson to learn but he is unwilling to learn.

He tries one thing after another, still persisting in his indiscreet living, still believing that somewhere (if he can only find it) there is a healing agent which will cure his malady and will do so without requiring him to cease his violations of the laws of life.

Whoever performs an act or takes a drug as a curative element, believing the "power to cure" resides in the act performed or in the drug taken, will always injure himself thereby. Whoever acts upon wrong assumptions in any matter, cannot end well. And whoever possesses faith in "curative elements" will not adopt a Hygienic mode of living.

All teachers of Hygiene should, not only by teaching the true nature of disease and its true causes, but by the expressions employed, do all they can to banish faith in drugs and treatments as possessing any curing power. Nothing should be called a curative agent simply because nature requires it to sustain life at all times and, consequently, needs it when sick.