Hygienic Medication at the time this editorial was penned included the use of modalities of the "Water Cure;" whereas Graham's recovery took place before Priessnitz had originated his water cure. The importance attached to the work of Graham is further attested by a statement made in this same editorial that the lectures and writings of Graham and Alcott had previously prepared the public mind for the investigation of a new mode of treatment. Here reference was had to hydropathy or the water cure, which was introduced into America from Germany in the early forties of the last century. Also, there is the statement made by Robert Walter, M.D., in an article in the January 1874 issue of The Science of Health, that "Sylvester Graham, with 'The Science of Human Life,' made a great step in advance; and, though some of his theories are not what later developments would approve, he nevertheless made a valuable attempt at systematization."

A writer in the Herald of Health, January 1865, said: "R. T. Trall, M.D., is the discoverer of the Philosophy of Medical Science, and the father of the system of Hygienic Medication. While others have done much to agitate the public mind, and develop great truths in the healing art, it was left to him to solve the great primary problems which must underlie all medical systems, and to base a theory of medical science, and a system of the Healing Art, on the laws of nature themselves. No author except him ever traced medical problems back to their starting point, and thereby discovered their harmony or disharmony with universal and unalterable law. In this manner he has been enabled to do what no other author before him ever could do, viz, explain the nature of disease, the effects of remedies, the doctrine of vitality, the vis medicatrix naturae, and the laws or conditions of cure. His philosophy goes back of all medical systems and proves to a positive demonstration the fallacy and falsity of medicating diseases with poisonous drugs. Hygienic medication, therefore, is, with him, a system, full, perfect, complete, and of universal application. Knowing that the system he teaches is grounded in scientific truth, he boldly challenges all the medical men and all the scientific men of the earth to meet and oppose it; but no one accepts the challenge; although they continue to drug and dose their patients into premature graves.

R.T. Trall

"Probably no man who has lived in modern times has been more persistent and consistent, more active and uncompromizing, as an author and practitioner. If all of his writings in the form of books, journals and lectures could be collected together, they would make quite a respecttable library. His professional correspondence and practice have also been extensive and arduous, and when we add to these circumstances the fact that he is engaged in writing and has nearly ready for the press, several works of greater magnitude and importance than any he has yet given to the world, on which he has expended already much time and labor, it will be readily understood that he can have few idle moments."

In a discussion with an allopathic physician, a Dr. Wilson, in the Journal, February 1854, Trall said: "It was the good fortune of my patients that I had the good sense to discover the falsity of many medical doctrines, and the benevolence to repudiate the practice of many of the most destructive of the drug-shop appliances, even before I was made a 'graduate.' Hence, I never administered such deadly drugs as nitre and tartar emetic, which you know or ought to know are the common medicaments in candies, lozenges, cough syrups, soothing cordials, &c., that are so generally fed to children, per advice of Allopathic doctors; never used leeches nor scarificators; never bled much, nor blistered much, nor gave much mercury; in short, during my whole career as a 'regular,' my drugifications were continually growing 'small by degrees and beautifully less,' till there was not force enough of poison left to kill a baby or mar a shadow."

Although far from being alone in the creation of the modern system of Hygiene, these three men may justly be said to have contributed most to our understanding of this field of knowledge and art. Hygiene is not the gift or invention of any man or group of men, nor of any association of men. It is not a creation of the laboratory, nor the result of discoveries that were made only after centuries of painstaking research. Its modern pioneers were brilliant men who were not afraid to depart from the ruts of orthodoxy and search for truth in despised places, but they were not men of the cloistered laboratory.

Writing in 1840, Graham said: "When with an honest and earnest heart, I looked steadily to nature for illumination, and with guileness of a little child, said, 'Give me truth!' she poured her clear and discriminating light into my soul--not with the overwhelming splendor of full day, but with increasing degrees as I was able to receive and endure, and employ profitably withal. In short, I had no sudden revelations of Nature's great truths; I made no sudden changes in my diet and general regimen; but as I received instructions I advanced, laying aside a little here and a little there, till, by virtue of unremitting and untiring perseverance in research and investigation, and careful experiment and observation, I was at last permitted to step upon the broad threshold of that great system of physiological and psychological truth, which as a humble instrument in the hands of Divine Providence, I am now suffered to promulgate to the human world."

Not by divine revelation, as so many have claimed for their "discoveries," but by a close and careful study of nature did all these men come to their knowledge. Hygiene represents a return to that pristine mode of living that emerged with man when he first appeared on the earth; it is a revival of something precious that had been all but lost during the course of ages, thanks to the corrupting and perverting influences of shaman, priest, physician and trader. These, with their false systems and false teachings, have led the race astray. When and where ignorance and superstition have prevailed with all their mind-beclouding and debasing influences, there disease and crime abound.

These three men--Jennings, Graham and Trall--together with Alcott, Taylor and others in this country and Combe and Lamb in England set the world to thinking on Hygiene. They were great men, greater by far than were Napoleon or Alexander. Any man who gives the world valid ideas and elucidates genuine principles is a man whom the world most wants and will come, ultimately, to admire.

All but two of the pioneer Hygienists were medical men who had become disillusioned with medical practices and were honest and courageous enough to seek elsewhere for truth. These two were Sylvester Graham and Mary Gove.

The revolution here described required a complete and radical change in the mode of thinking of the people. They had to be biologically reoriented and had to be weaned away from the supernatural orientation fostered by the priestcraft. They had to learn that life is subject to law and order and is not at the mercy of capricious and whimsical ghosts. They had to learn the truth about the relations between the living organism and the many elements of its environment; especially did they have to learn the true relations of drugs to the organism. They had to learn that health is man's normal state and that disease is abnormal. It was necessary for them to understand that man is the builder of his own diseases and that disease does not come upon them without cause. It became necessary for them to learn that acute disease, instead of being the enemy it had long been regarded, is a remedial process. It was necessary for them to understand that living organisms are self-healing and that all the caretaker can do that is of any constructive value for the sick is to provide wholesome conditions and usable materials, It is especially necessary that they learn that cure and curing represent false ideas and false practices. Most of the world still has these facts to learn.