Case VII

Sir, - I cannot leave this place without discharging a duty which I feel I owe to you, by thus acknowledging the great benefit which Mrs. Robinson has received under your care and direction.

Having been afflicted with a contraction of the sciatic nerve, she was recommended to make the experiment of Warm and Cold Sea Water Baths, but these having proved utterly ineffectual, and having been a sufferer for sixteen months, she was induced to submit her case to your opinion; after three of your Medicated Indian Vapour Baths, Mrs. R. was enabled to lay aside her crutches and walk a considerable distance (a mile and a half) without the least fatigue or requiring any assistance. The limb is now gradually recovering its form and strength, and she remains without apprehension of any symptom of relapse. Should it be your wish to lay this simple statement before the public, I beg yon will make such use of my name as you may think proper.

I am, Sir, Your obedient humble servant.

Stephen Robinson.

Case VIII. Arms Rendered Useless By Long Standing Contraction

Sir, - To confess to you the extraordinary benefit I have received from the use of your Indian Medicated Vapour Baths, would be to do no more than what I have repeatedly acknowledged (viva voce) in your sitting room, to many of your patients and visitors. But, with pleasure, I can say, that I have a further object in view in thus setting forth the cure that has been performed by these Baths, accompanied by dry cupping and the usual routine of Shampooing: - it is my wish that it should be generally known, that it may give hope and confidence to the afflicted. When first I came to your Bath, I was labouring under most of those pains and infirmities that are the consequence of severe rheumatic fever and gout. Wasted in appearance - scarce able to walk - with pains arising from weakness in every joint - listless and dispirited - both unable to help myself; - such was my state when, trembling and with hesitation,! took my first Bath. I soon felt it a source of comfort, and suffice it to say, I that night slept without any pain, on the pillow which, the night before, it required the attention of the two nurses I was obliged to have in attendance, for a full hour, before I could be laid in a position that would give me the least hope of rest.

The third Bath quite enabled me to disengage my arms from my side, to move them about in various directions, and to lift and play with the heaviest dumb-bells you presented to me - every Bath that followed gave me fresh accession of strength and freedom, and now, I am happy to say, I return to London, leaving very little to change of air and time, to restore me to a state of health, better and more complete than I have for many years enjoyed. Yes, Sir, such has been the result of your Indian Bath - the accompanying use of affliction and frequent cupping - for which I am grateful to God, and sincerely hope that this "Star of the East" of our modern times, will be the means of guiding thousands from the bed of affliction, to the comforts of ease, health, and happiness. India has been the premature grave of thousands of my countrymen; it will now, I hope, make amends by sending forth that which will be the restorative to health and strength of tens of thousands.

I now dismiss the subject, with further thanks to you and Mrs. Mahomed, for kindness received, not forgetting your assistant, to whom I am under much obligation for the feeling and ability with which, under your direction, he worked the Vapour Baths.

I am, Sir, your obliged, 32, Black-lion-street, Brighton, WM. Hart, or, Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Office, May 7, 1821.