Case IV

Having been afflicted with a contraction of the knee, which was occasioned by a violent inflammation of the nerves, I was recommended to try Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Baths and Shampooing, which perfectly cured me in the course of three weeks.

H. Goddard. Upper Seymour street, Portman Square, London.

Case V

Sir, - My case has been considered by all who knew of it, to be a very singular one, and I hope its publication will eventually be of great use to others who may be subject to any similar affliction. For ten or twelve years I had a pain in my right arm, the strength of which gradually decreased; this I thought arose from rheumatism, until last winter, when I found myself quite disabled. I went to two eminent physicians of this town, who ordered blisters and leeches, but without effect; at length advised by a friend to try your valuable Vapour Bath (finding it not the rheumatism, as I expected) I became seriously alarmed, as the contraction assumed so formidable an appearance that I could not move my arm from my side. I must confess I was in a sad state of affliction and despondency, when I applied to you, hearing you had performed a number of wonderful cures in similar cases to mine; from the second Bath I experienced great benefit, and could move my arm comfortably, and, with a little help, raise it upon my head - three other baths completely restored me!

This most singular case I beg you will make public, for the advantage of the afflicted; and any further information that may be desired, will be cheerfully given to any person who may call on me for such a purpose.

I am, Sir, yours, etc.

Eliza Newnham.

49, Ship-street, Brighton.

Case VI

Sir, - Impressed with feelings of the sincerest gratitude for your services, it becomes a duty incumbent on me to give every publicity to the case of my sister, Maria Cord well, who has been most miraculously cured by the application of your Shampooing or Indian Baths.

Maria Cordwell, at the age of seven years, was attacked with considerable pain and swelling in the knee, and loss of the use of her side, which none of the medical gentlemen who attended her could account for. She remained in this state eighteen years, receiving the advice of Drs Garthshaw, Walshman, Pearson, Thomas, Fothergill, and Heavisides, all of whom pronounced her incurable; her knees had also become greatly contracted from a blister, ordered by Dr. Thomas, being on seven days, which entirely prevented her walking but with the assistance of two crutches, and then but for a very short distance.

Having fixed my residence in Brighton, and hearing daily of the numerous cures you performed, I felt anxious she should make trial of your Vapour Baths; though, from the attentions and advice she had received so many years, I must confess, I felt little hope of success, - judge then my surprise and joy in beholding her, after the short period of six weeks, walk several times up and down the room without crutches; nay, without any assistance whatever! She has recovered the use of her side, and her knee is so little contracted that she is enabled to put her foot to the ground and walk a considerable distance, without even the assistance of a person's arm.

This, Sir, I am proud to acknowledge to the world, is solely by the use of your Medicated Indian Vapour Baths; and I beg you will at any time refer the afflicted to my house, where my sister will satisfy any enquiry they may please to make, and you are also at liberty to give any publicity you may think proper to this letter.

I remain, Sir,

Yours, most gratefully,

J. Cordwell, Repository of Arts, Drawing-master.

19, Great East-street, Brighton.