Bathing is coeval with the remotest periods of antiquity. Homer mentions the use of private baths, which baths possessed medicinal properties, and were enriched by the most fragrant perfumes. In the eastern parts of the world, it has ever been known and esteemed, and is continued in a variety of forms, to the present period. It is not distinctly stated by any author, I believe, that the Romans directed their attention in particular to the actual cure of disease by impregnated waters, nor did they, that I can collect, imagine any virtue to result from steam immersions, or any thing beyond the simple application of water.

To the Hindoos, who are the cleanest and the finest people in the East, we are principally indebted for the Medicated Bath, in cases of disease and bodily infirmity. Many complaints to which we are subject, arise from languid circulation, and from an inactive state of the animal functions, and which in many instances resist the use of medicine, and beget consequences the most protracted and fatal; the native practitioners of India are aware of this, and Shampooing has always proved a most salutary and effective remedy with them.

Rally speaking, less successful; this seems to be unquestionably the case in this instance, if I may draw that flattering conclusion from the exalted patronage and public confidence so generously extended to me; it 13, therefore, needless to say more on this subject, since the public have, and no doubt will continue, to decide the claim to superiority, by the choice of their election.

Introduction On Bathing Generally 2

Chapter I

In the Introduction I have endeavoured briefly to enumerate a few leading particulars of the difference in effect, between Steam or Vapour Bathing, accompanied by Shampooing, and the common Warm Bath; the success which has attended my method of Shampooing, makes me desirous of laying before the public, such incontestible proofs of its general eflicacy, as will confirm what I have urged in favour of the benefits resulting from its application as a concomitant on the Steam or Vapour Bathing. The cases I have arranged under separate heads, and I commence with a description of the disease, and the general mode of treatment from the best authorities, as follows: