Since the publication of the first edition of this work, public attention has been excited; medical men of the first professional reputation did not think it beneath their dignity, to investigate the merits of my discovery, to apply the power of reasoning to account for causes and effects; and soon were convinced of the salutary and invigorating power of the Indian Vapour Baths combined with Shampooing, if judiciously applied. Upwards of a hundred medical gentlemen have since tried the experiment on themselves; most of them were invalids, but many were merely prompted by an honorable desire to ascertain truth. By those means the Faculty in general, even on the Continent, have had their attention drawn towards my humble discovery. I feel this flattering distinction, and am in return most grateful and happy - I might add proud - when names like the following have thought proper to send patients to me.

Sir J. M. Tierney, M. D.

Dr. Hooper, Dr. Gibney, Dr. Thomas, Dr. King, Dr. Clutterbuck, Dr.'Blair, Dr. Goodge, Dr. Abel, Sir H. Halford, M. D. Sir Ashley Cooper, Mr. Brodie, Mr. Heaviside, Mr. Davies, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Bond Mr. Barratt, Mr. B Laker, Mr. Newnham, Mr. Taylor, Mr. W. Attree, &C

With many of the most respectable members of the various branches of the healing art. I have had recommendations from two of the first Physicians at Paris; several German Physicians have visited my establishment and honoured it with their approbation. Under such auspices, it is not to be wondered at, when I assert that I could easily swell this edition with many hundreds of additional cases: but I shall only select a few which are peculiar and important. To the Public in general, and to the Faculty in particular, who with a candour worthy of their enlightened pursuits, not only appreciated the value of the invention, but at once grasped at the full capability of it, by pointing out diseases, the cure of which had not been contemplated, such as incipient pleurisy, putrid sore throat, etc. where the curative process depends principally on inhaling the warm steam; - to all I return my most grateful thanks, and I shall, by perseverance, prove myself worthy of such signal patronage.

S. D. M