Case I

Sir, - I have the pleasure to inform you that my son remains in good health, and happy am I to say, that I am fully persuaded his recovery, under the blessing of Providence, was owing to the use of your Vapour Bath. He had, before placing himself under your care, tried every thing the first medical practitioners could recommend, but got no relief. - It is therefore due to you, and proper for the public to know the great advantage that has resulted to him by the use of your Baths. I have referred'a gentleman to you this day, - his name is Hamilton. I hope your advice may prove similarly beneficial.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant,

Wm, Slark. 16, Cockspur-street, Haymarket, London.

Case II

My dear Sir, - Being now on the point of quitting this place, after a residence of six weeks, during which I have taken seven-and-thirty of your Vapour Baths, accompanied by the usual routine of Shampooing, or rubbing the limbs, for an obstinate chronic rheumatism, and general debility of system, I should esteem myself deficient, both in justice and in gratitude, were I not to leave with you a written testimony of acknowledgment of the extraordinary benefit I have experienced under your treatment, very far exceeding my most sanguine hopes.

I first waited upon you on the 28th of July last, weak, nervous, and full of anguish. I am now, by the blessing of God, and your skill, returning home stouter, more invigorated, and more free from pain than I have been for two years past. You are at full liberty to communicate the particulars of my case to any person similarly afflicted, applying to you for relief, and it will afford me real satisfaction to promote your practice, by replying to any inquiries that may be made, as to its efficacy.

I propose a journey to Brighton for a fortnight or three weeks, about the middle of November, when I shall again be a visiter at your house. In the meantime I am to be found or addressed by letter, at Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey.

Wishing you most sincerely a continuance of health and success, I take my leave, remaining always,

My dear Sir, very truly yours,

H. N. Middleton.

Case III

To Mr. Mahomed. - I, William Edwards, Cordwainer, of No. 3, Duke's-row, Duke-street, Brighton, hereby make known, for the information of the public, that for the last three weeks I have been most grievously afflicted with the Rheumatic Gout, which deprived me of the use of my limbs, as well as of my regular rest at night. In this dreadful situation I applied to you, and, by the aid of your Medicated Baths, I have been restored to comparative health.

February 1, 1815.

Case IV

Brighton, July 1, 1816. Sir, - The rheumatic attack in my arm having resisted every endeavour to remove it, till I had your Vapour Bath, you are at liberty to refer any person to me, in proof of its benefit. After five applications with Shampooing, and the lapse of a few days, I bathed in the sea, and continued to do so in safety; and am now about returning to London, perfectly restored.

I am, yours, etc.

Clement Wyatt. Wyatt, Burkitt & Wyatt, 77, Coleman-street, London.