Case V

Brighton, Nov. 3, 1819. Sir, - Considering it right that you should know the effect of your Bath, as it may be serviceable to others labouring under a similar malady, I beg to state that I brought my wife here soon after she had a rheumatic fever, which left a violent rheumatic pain in the hip joints. After using your Bath three times, and being once cupped, she was entirely freed from the pain, and has had no return of it since. I am, Sir, yours, etc. etc.

Henry S. Christian, of London. P. S. - I will thank you to allow the enclosed to lay upon your table for the inspection of your patients.

Case VI

Mrs. T. Nicoland acquaints Mr. Mahomed that she found great benefit from the use of the Vapour Bath, for the rheumatism in her joints.

June 14th, 1820.

Case VII

The following was sent to, and appeared in the Brighton Gazette, as an advertisement, in the month of April, 1821:

To the Editor of the Brighton Gazette.

Sir, - The following statement, in common justice, is due to the individual by whose attention the young man I am about to mention, has been restored to health, by means of the Vapour Baths and Shampooing. Moses Weymark, who lived with me, having been seized with a most violent attack of rheumatism, which deprived him of the use of his legs, was advised to try the Vapour Bath; but finding its expense beyond his means, he could not for some time have recourse to it, till Mr. Mahomed generously offered him three Baths gratuitously. His state was helpless in the extreme; he was lifted from a fly; and, within an hour after the first application of the Bath and Shampooing, to my great astonishment he was enabled to walk, being, before, deprived of the least use of his legs. He continued to move about the room the whole of the day. The next morning he was sufficiently recovered to walk from the Grand Parade to the East Cliff, and after taking the Bath, walked home, - thus being quite restored in two days, and by two Baths! - That any person should have found so much relief in so short a time appears incredible.

Had I not seen it, I should not have believed it; but having witnessed it, I conceive it an incumbent duty to offer it for publicity, through this medium, with the firm conviction that there is no remedy for rheumatism equal to it.

I am, Sir, Your obedient humble Servant,

James Goringe.

Brighton, April 4, 1821.


Sir, - I cannot yet say that I am quite relieved from pain, but I have much satisfaction in attributing the whole relief I have experienced to your Vapour Bath; - and on recollection of the excruciating agony and torment my rheumatic attack brought with it, perhaps it may be an encouragement to others, under similar affliction, to recommend their doing as I have done, which I have no hesitation in saying will greatly benefit them, and, I trust, encourage your continued attention to the comforts and conveniences of your visiters.

I shall continue to recommend your Baths whenever opportunity offers; being,

Sir, your very obliged humble Servant, WM. Sharp, 44, Weymouth-street, Feb. 23, 1822. Mr. S. D. Mahomed, Brighton.