Case IX

I, John Law, of No. 3, Richmond-hill, Brighton, declare that I have been afflicted with the rheumatism in my arms and shoulders, to such a degree that I could neither dress nor undress myself for upwards of ten weeks: - being recommended to Mr. Mahomed, he applied his Indian Medicated Vapour Bath, and, after eight applications, I was restored to perfect health and strength.

February 26, 1822.

Case X

Brighton, Sept. 9, 1822. Sir, - Having been afflicted with the Lumbago and Rheumatism in my back for nearly seven months, so as wholly to prevent me, for these last three months, from working at my trade, - having been, unrelieved, under several medical gentlemen, both in London and in the country, I came to Brighton, in hope a change of air might be of service to me, when I heard of your valuable Institution, the Indian Medicated Vapour Baths:-- I applied to you for advice, and I beg to say, through the kindness of God, and your humane attention to me, I am quite well and free from pain. This cure may justly be attributed to your Vapour Bathing; and as it is not in my power to recompense you for your valuable time, and the trouble I have occasioned you, I feel it in justice and in gratitude necessary to make this acknowledgment; and I give you, if you think proper, full liberty to make my case publicly known.

With the deepest sense of gratitude, I am, Sir, Your obedient humble Servant,

John Davenport. 17, Gardener-street, Brighton.

Case XI

London, Nov. 2, 1822. Sir, - feel it my duty to acquaint you, that I am quite recovered from my late severe attack of the rheumatic gout, and have at present no appearance of relapse, which I consider almost a miracle, as you well know I was repeatedly obliged to be carried into your Bath by the assistance of two men. After taking eleven of your Indian Steam Vapour Baths I was quite restored, although I was several times given over by my friends during the operation. I must say I think the medicine (the electuary) recommended by you, and prepared under your direction by Messrs. Gregory and Bates, Chemists and Druggists, of Brighton, was of great service to me, and completely removed the chief cause of my complaint, and for which I have to return my grateful acknowledgments. If you think proper to refer any person to me, I shall be very happy to give them any further information in my power.

I remain, Sir, yours, sincerely,

Thomas Jackson. 34, South Audley-street, London.

Most of the following respectable individuals have at various times received benefit in rheumatic complaint by the use of my Bath And Shampooing: Andrews, Dr. Arthur, Mr. London. Austin, Rev. I. Ockham, Surrey. Barrett, Mr. Vauxhall. Begbie, Mr. I. Hoxton. Bentinck, Lord Charles. Benton, Mr. G. Holborn. Brown, Mr.

Bulbeck, Mr. John Havant. Cleaver, Mr. S. Kennington Common. Compton, Sir John Cowley, Mr. Arlington Street. Crowder, Mr. Finsbury Square. Dallas, Mr. Davis, Mr. Peckham.

Doyle, Sir Charles, cured of rheumatic affection and contraction of the arm. Duval, Mr. Robert, Buckingham Street, Fitzroy Square Eggington, Mr. Billbrook, Staffordshire. Fairlie, Mr. Broad Street. Fermor, Major General

Goslyn, Captain, rheumatism, five years standing, cured in three weeks. Grey, Colonel. Hamilton, Mr. M.P. Herbert, Mr. R. London. Holland, Mr. I.

Hordun, Mr. Sardon, Staffordshire. Impey, E. Esq. Newick. Jones, Mr. I. London. Johnston, Mr. Johnston, Mr. I. Johnston, Mrs. Kemp, T. R. Esq. Kenny, Dr. Lap, Mr. Cork. Lemond, Mrs. Liston, Mr. Comedian. Lucas, John, Esq. Lyons, Rev. Mr. Gloucester. Malcolm, Sir, Pulteney. Mathews, Mr.

Menzies, Mr. James, Edinburgh. Morie, Mr. London. Murray, Colonel, 18th Hussars, cured of rheumatism and contraction. Nicholls, Mr. Nixon, Mr.

North, Captain, R.N. Oakly, Suffolk. Palmer, Mr. T.

Parkhouse, Mr. R. rheumatic affection and debility. Phelan, Mr. I. London. Philpot, Mr. Kennington. Pitter, I. R. Bedford Street, Covent Garden. Popham, Mr. Stamford Street. Prater, Mr. Arlington Street, St. James.

Pugh, Mr., Brewer, Great Russell-street.

Real, Mr. Alexander, Tunbridge Wells.

Reed, Mr.

Reeves, Mr. Chas., Kennington, long standing rheumatism and contraction. Robin, Mr. Beverston Castle, Gloucestershire. Rodd, Capt., R. N.

Roles, Mr. Grey Coat-street, Westminster. Rutter, Mr., Mitcham. Schoel, Mr. John. Shelton, Mr., Hampstead. Simms, Mr. W. W. Smith, General.

Sterling, G. A. Esq., Brewer-street, Russell- square. Tayler, Mr. E. Temple, London. Vernon, Mr., Kegworth, Leicestershire. Whatley, Col. Wells, Admiral Sir John. Wigram, Charles, Esq., Fenchurch-street. Woodthorpe, Mr., London. Wyndham, Colonel.