In whooping cough the paroxysms of coughing are so severe as to give rise to vomiting, and in bad cases they are excited by taking food which does not have an opportunity to become assimilated, and nutrition may suffer very seriously in consequence, adding to the general exhaustion which accompanies the disease. All food must be made easily assimilable. It is best to give food regularly in moderate quantity at each time, and it should be predigested if necessary. Pancreatinised milk, koumiss, the prepared amylaceous foods, cream toast, eggs, junket, chicken broth, malted farinaceous foods, custard, milk puddings, gruels thickened with meat extracts, and stimulants in the form of egg albumin in sherry, egg-nog, or milk punch, are recommended for patients who vomit solid food. The worst cases require nutrient enemata, as exhaustion becomes critical.