Panada (Ringer)

Take the crumb of a penny roll and soak it in milk for half an hour, then squeeze the milk from it; have ready an equal quantity of chicken or veal, scraped very fine with a knife; pound the bread crumb and meat together in a mortar. It may be cooked either mixed with veal or chicken broth, or poached like an egg. By taking it up in two spoons, in pieces the shape of an egg, after seasoning, it may be served with mashed potato.

Another Caudle (Ringer)

Mix well together one pint of cold gruel with a wineglassful each of good cream and sherry and a tablespoonful of noyau, and sweeten with sugar candy.

Almond Cakes For Diabetics (Seegen)

Take of blanched, sweet almonds a quarter of a pound, beat them as fine as possible in a stone mortar; remove the sugar contained in this meal by putting it into a linen bag and steeping it for a quarter of an hour in boiling water acidulated with vinegar; mix this paste thoroughly with three ounces of butter and two eggs. Next add the yolks of three eggs and a little salt, and stir well for some time. Whip up the -whites of three eggs and stir in. Put the dough thus obtained into greased moulds, and dry by a slow fire.

Macaroni Boiled (U. S. Army Hospital Receipt For Twelve Men)

Macaroni, one pound; salt, a quarter of an ounce; boiling water, six pints.


Wipe the macaroni carefully. Break into four-inch lengths. Put with the salt into cold water and boil until tender, but not until it bursts or becomes a pulp. Drain off the water at once, and season with butter. The liquor from the macaroni makes a good broth.