Beef Juice (Bartholow)

Broil quickly some pieces of round or sirloin of a size to fit in the cavity of a lemon squeezer previously heated by being dipped in hot water. The juice, as it flows away, should be received into a hot wineglass, and, after being seasoned to the taste with salt and a little Cayenne pepper, taken while hot.

Beef Essence ( Yeo)

Cut the lean of beef into small pieces and place them in a wide-mouthed bottle securely corked, and then allow it to stand for several hours in a vessel of boiling water. This may be given to infants, who cannot take milk, in teaspoonful doses, and in larger quantities to adults.

Beef Tea (Pavy)

Put a pound of finely minced beef into a suitable vessel with a pint of cold water. Let it stand for an hour, stirring occasionally. Place the vessel containing the beef into a saucepan of water, place over the fire, and allow the water to boil gently for an hour (or the vessel containing the beef tea may be put into an ordinary oven for an hour). Pass the beef tea through a strainer. It contains a quantity of fine sediment, which should be drunk with the liquid. Flavour with salt. In this process the beef extract should not be exposed to a temperature of more than 1700 F.

Beef Tea (Bryce)

Lean beef, chopped fine, free from fibre, one pound; water, one pint; sodium bicarbonate, ten grains; simmer half an hour in a glass-covered preserve jar, decant the fluid, squeeze the meat to a pulp in a lemon squeezer, return both to jar, add extract of pancreas, cover, keep at 1400 F. for twelve hours, shaking occasionally. When an acid taste appears, boil two or three minutes to stop further fermentation.

This tea, it is claimed, equals the same bulk of peptonised milk in nutrient value.

Chrystie's Beef Tea

Macerate for one hour one pound of finely minced lean beef in a pint of water, containing fifteen grains of sodium chloride and five drops of dilute hydrochloric acid, at 100° F.

Filter through cheese cloth, and wash the residue with half a pint of fresh water. The filtrate is transparent, has a not unpleasant taste, and contains a considerable amount of albuminoids. A child of two years may take two or three ounces daily.

Beef Tea (Bartholow)

Chop fine a pound of lean beef free from fat, tendons, etc., and digest with a pint of cold water for two hours. Let it simmer on the stove for three hours, at a temperature never over 1600 F. Make up the water lost in evaporation by adding cold water, so that a pint of beef tea shall represent a pound of beef. Strain, and carefully express all fluid from the beef.

Beef Tea (U. S. Army Hospital Receipt For Twelve Men)

Beef, twelve pounds; salt, one ounce.


The beef should be lean and juicy, and cut into small pieces. Put it into one gallon and a half of cold water with the salt. Let it boil gently three hours. If it should boil away too fast, add the requisite quantity of boiling water and let it boil fifteen minutes longer. When done it should measure twelve pints. Set it aside to cool. Remove every particle of grease, and heat when required. In case of a deficiency of fresh beef, use the beef extract supplied in the hospital stores.

Beef Extract

(U. S. Army Hospital Receipt for Twelve Men).


Infuse a third of a pound of fresh beef, finely minced, in fourteen ounces of cold soft water, to which a few drops (four or five) of muriatic acid and a little salt (from ten to eighteen grains) have been added. After digesting for an hour to an hour and a quarter, strain it through a sieve and wash the residue with five ounces of cold water, pressing it to remove all soluble matter. The mixed liquid will contain the whole of the soluble constituents of the meat (albumin, creatin, etc.), and it may be drank cold or slightly warmed. The temperature should not be raised above 100° F., as at the temperature of 1130 F. a considerable portion of the albumin, a very important constituent, will be coagulated.

Meat Extract (Rosenthal And Leube)

One thousand grammes of lean meat, minced fine, are placed in a porcelain vessel with one thousand grammes of water, and twenty centigrammes of dilute hydrochloric acid. This is placed in a closed Papin's digester and boiled for ten to fifteen hours. The mass is then taken out and rubbed in a mortar to a paste. It is again boiled in the closed digester for another sixteen to twenty hours; after this it is neutralised with pure sodium carbonate, and evaporated to a sirupy consistence.

Restorative Beef Essence (Ringer)

Take one ounce of fresh beef, free from fat, chop fine, and pour over it eight ounces of soft water, add five or six drops of dilute hydrochloric acid, and fifty or sixty grains of common salt, stir it well, and leave for three hours in a cool place. Then pass the fluid through a hair sieve, pressing the meat slightly, and adding gradually toward the end of the straining about two more ounces of water. The liquid thus obtained is of a red colour, possessing the taste of soup. It should be taken cold, a teaspoonful at a time. If preferred warm, it must not be put on the fire, but heated in a covered vessel placed in hot water.