Isabel Bevier, Ph. M

Professor of Household Science, University of Illinois. Author U. S. Government Bulletins, "Development of the Horno Economics Movement," "Selection and Preparation of Food," etc. President American Home Economics Association.

Alice Peloubet Norton, M. A

Assistant Professor of Home Economics, School of Education, University of Chicago: Director of the Chautauqua School of Domestic Science; Author "Teaching of Home Economics".

S. Maria Elliott

Instructor in Home Economics. Simmons College; Formerly Instructor School of Housekeeping, Boston.

Anna Barrows

Teacher of Cookery. Teachers' College. Columbia University , Director Chautauqua School of Cookery: formerly Editor "American Kitchen Magazine"; Author "Home Science Cook Book".

Alfred Cleveland Cotton, A.M., M. D

Professor Diseases of Children, Rush Medical College, University of Chicago; Visiting Physician Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago; Author of "Diseases of Children".

Bertha M. Terrill. A. B

Professor of Home Economics and Dean of Women, University of Vermont: Author of U. S. Government Bulletins.

Kate Heintz Watson

Formerly Instructor in Domestic Economy, Lewis Institute: Lecturer University of Chicago.

Marion Foster Washburne

Editor "The Mothers' Magazine;" Lecturer Chicago Froebel Association; Author "Everyday Essays," "Family Secrets," etc.

Margaret E. Dodd

Graduate Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Teacher of Science, Woodward Institute.

Amy Elizabeth Pope

With the Panama Canal Commission; Formerly Instructor in Practical and Theoretical Nursing, Training School for Nurses, Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.

Maurice Le Bosquet, S. B

Director American School of Home Economics: Member American Public Health Association and American Chemical Society.

Contributors And Editors

Ellen H. Richards

Author "Cost of Food," "Cost of Living," "Cost of Shelter,' "Food Materials and Their Adulteration." etc., etc.; Chairman Lake Placid Conference on Home Econoinics.

Mary Hinman Abel

Author of U. S. Government Bulletins, "Practical Sanitary and Economic Cooking." "Safe Food." etc.

Thomas D. Wood, M. D

Professor of Physical Education, Columbia University.

It. M. Lufkin, M. D

Professor of Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Medicine, University of Minnesota.

Otto Folin, Ph.D

Special Investigator, McLean Hospital, Waverly, Mass.

T. Mitchell Pruddex. M. D., LL. D

Author "Dust and Its Dangers," "The Story of the Bacteria." "Drinking Water and Ice Supplies," etc.

Frank Chouteau Brown

Architect, Boston. Mass.: Author of "The Five Orders of Architecture," "Letters and Lettering".

Mrs. Melv1l Dewey

Secretary Lake Placid Conference on Home Economics.

Helen Louise Johnson

Professor of Home Economics, James Millikan University. Decatur.

Frank W. Allin, M. D

Instructor Rush Medical College, University of Chicago.

Managing Editor

Maurice Le Bosquet, S. B

Director American School of Home Economics.

Board Of Trustees Of The American School Of Home Economics

Mrs. Arthur Courtenay Neville

President of the Board.

Miss Maria Parloa

Founder of the first Cooking School in Boston; Author of "Home Economics," "Young Housekeeper," U. S. Government Bulletins, etc.

Mrs. Mary Hinman Abel

Co-worker in the "New England Kitchen," and the "Rum-ford Food Laboratory;" Author of U. S. Government Bulletins, "Practical Sanitary and Economic Cooking," etc.

Miss Alice Ravenhill

Special Commissioner sent by the British Government to report on the Schools of Home Economics in the 'United States; Fellow of the Royal Sanitary Institute, London.

Mrs. Ellen M. Henrotin

Honorary President General Federation of Woman's Clubs.

Mrs. Frederic W. Schoff

President National Congress of Mothers.

Mrs. Linda Hull Larned

Past President National Household Economics Association: Author of "Hostess of To-day".

Mrs. Walter Mcnab Miller

Chairman of the Pure Food Committee of the General federation of Woman's Clubs.

Mrs. J. A. Kimberly

Vice President of National Household Economics Association.

Mrs. John Hoodless

Government Superintendent of Domestic Science for the province of Ontario: Founder Ontario Normal School of Domestic Science, now the MacDonald Institute.

Cooking Equipment Made Out Of Packing Boxes, Stained.

Cooking Equipment Made Out Of Packing Boxes, Stained.

Courtesy of Mrs.Ellen .H.Richards.