Cut half the white meat, four ounces, from a young, uncooked chicken; put this raw meat twice througha meat chopper, put it into a bowl, rub it with the back of a spoon until it forms a paste; add slowly four tablespoonfuls of cream and the unbeaten white of one egg; when thoroughly mixed add a tablespoonful of soft bread crumbs and a salt-spoonful of salt. Press this through a fine sieve, and fold in the well-beaten white of another egg. Grease two custard cups or timbale molds with a little olive oil or melted butter, line the bottom with a piece of white paper, fill in the mixture, stand them in a baking pan of boiling water, cover the tops with oiled paper, and cook in a moderate oven about twenty minutes. While these are cooking, rub together a teaspoonful of butter and one of flour, add a half cupful of milk, stir until boiling, add a saltspoonful of salt, and pour on a tiny serving platter; turn out one timbale into the sauce, garnish the dish with a sprig of parsley and serve. This is one of the most delicate, easily-digested and attractive of the chicken dishes. It is admirable for convalescing typhoid patients who are allowed solid or semi-solid food.