In cases of long-continued feeding for invalids, the aged, or tuberculosis patients, variety is the spice of life. Ceylon chicken may be made from any left-over chicken that has been carefully cooked, and gives a palatable, easily-digested, attractive dish. Cut sufficient cooked white meat of chicken to make a half cupful. Grate a cocoanut, pour over it a cupful of boiling water, let it stand a minute, stir until the cocoanut is thoroughly saturated with the water, then put it into a cheesecloth or a bag and squeeze it dry. Put the chicken in a saucepan, add a half cupful of the cocoanut "milk" thus made, bring it slowly to boiling point, add a saltspoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of cornstarch that has been moistened in a little of the cold cocoa-nut "cream." Serve in a border of rice. If the cocoanut milk stands but a few minutes the cream will come to the surface. The remaining cocoanut "milk" and "cream" may be saved for cooking other meats or vegetables.