For eating raw, use the tender bleached celery from the center of the root; it makes a nice accompaniment to a broiled steak or Salisbury steaks for diabetics and the obese.

How To Prepare Celery

Trim off the root and throw the head of celery into cold water the moment it comes from the market. Separate it to the center, and with a small scrubbing brush scrub each piece carefully, rinse it, put it in a bag and on the ice until wanted. Save the outside portion for stewing or for cream of celery soup, and the green tops for soup flavoring.

How To Fringe Celery

To give variety in service where there is long-continued feeding, fringe the celery instead of serving it plain.

Cut nice crisp pieces of celery into two-inch lengths, then with a sharp knife make six or eight cuts about a half inch in length at both ends of these' pieces; then make about five parallel cuts. Throw them at once in cold water; in about one hour the cut portions will curl back, giving the celery the appearance of being fringed.

Stewed Celery

Cut the outside pieces of celery into one-inch lengths, cover them with boiling salted water, and cook slowly for thirty minutes, or until the pieces are perfectly tender. There should now be just water enough to cover the celery; add a palatable seasoning of butter, and a little pepper if allowable.

Creamed Celery

Cook according to the above recipe, drain off the water, saving it for soup. Cover the celery with cream sauce and send to the table.

Celery A La Poulette

Boil the celery as directed in first recipe; drain, saving the water. Beat the yolk of one egg until light, add slowly a quarter cupful of the water in which the celery was boiled; cook a minute to the thickness of mayonnaise dressing; stir in a teaspoonful of butter and a dash of salt. Dish the celery, pour over the sauce and serve.

This makes a nice change for diabetic patients.

Celeriac (Apium Graveolens, Variety Rapaceum)

Celeriac, which may be the father of celery, is a sort of turnip-rooted celery, which is usually peeled, boiled, cooled and sliced, to serve with mayonnaise dressing under the name of celery root salad. It also makes a good cream soup.

Where restricted feeding is long continued and variety necessary it may be boiled and served with egg sauce.