French Poached Eggs

Fill a deep saucepan two-thirds full of boiling water, put it over a quick fire where it will boil rapidly. Take a wooden paddle or spoon, stir rapidly around the edge until the water forms a whirlpool, with a hole in the center. Break two fresh eggs into two saucers, drop one in the center of the water, keep up the whirling, drop in the second, keep the spoon going around the edge until the eggs are coagulated on the outside. Lift them carefully with a skimmer and put at once into an egg cup.

The French fry their eggs in the same manner, keeping the fat whirling. Fried eggs cannot be recommended, however, for the sick.

Eggs A La Martin

One Serving Rub a teaspoonful of butter and a teaspoonful of flour together and add four tablespoonfuls of milk; stir over the fire until the milk reaches boiling point, add a quarter of a teaspoonful of salt and a dash of black pepper. Put half of this sauce in a ramekin dish, break in one whole egg, put the remaining sauce over the top, dust over a few bread crumbs, stand the dish in a pan of water and bake until the white of the egg is "set." Serve at once.

Fluffed Eggs

Separate one egg, being very careful not to break the yolk. Stand the yolk in the shell in a dish of salt or flour, anything that will keep it straight; beat the white until it is very light, put it in a saucer or an individual dish, make a little well in the center, drop in the yolk, stand the dish in a pan of hot water, cover and steam for about a minute and a half; take from the fire, put a piece of butter, the size of a large pea, on the yolk, dust it with a little salt and serve it at once. This is one of the most easily-digested of all the egg dishes;' it is not only palatable, but sightly.

Egg Flip

Separate an egg; beat the white until it is very, very stiff; add a teaspoonful of powdered sugar, beat again, drop into it the yolk and beat until mixed; if admissible, add a teaspoonful of brandy; heap this into a glass saucer, dust with powdered sugar, and serve.

In incurable troubles, where all food seems to disagree, the stomach will frequently bear an egg flip with ease. Of course the brandy may be omitted; sherry may be added or it may be served plain; do not add flavoring extracts of any kind.

Snow Eggs

Beat the white of one egg to a stiff froth. Put a half pint of milk in a double boiler, drop the white by spoonfuls on the top of the hot milk, let them stand a moment, lift them with a skimmer and put them on a breakfast plate. Repeat until all the white has been cooked. Moisten a teaspoonful of arrowroot in cold milk, add it to the hot milk, cook until smooth, add two teaspoonfuls of sugar and the yolk of the egg, stir until hot, take from the fire, add a tablespoonful of sherry and stand aside to cool. When cold dish the white of the egg in a pyramid, pour around the custard, and they are ready to serve.

Egg Cordial

Separate an egg, beat the white to a stiff froth, add a teaspoonful of powdered sugar and beat again until fine and dry, stir in one tablespoonful of cream beaten to a stiff froth, and a tablespoonful of brandy. Turn into a glass and serve at once.