Farina does not contain as much nitrogenous matter as cereals made from the whole grain, but it is delicate and easy of digestion. For young children and invalids it makes an admirable supper food.

Cream of Wheat may be cooked according to any of the recipes given for farina.

Farina Porridge

Put a pint of boiling water into a saucepan directly over the fire, add a saltspoonful of salt, and sprinkle in slowly a half cupful of farina, stirring all the while. Boil rapidly, stirring now and then, for ten minutes. Push it to the back of the stove to cook slowly twenty minutes longer.

Left-over farina may be made into a mold according to the directions for wheat germ.

I consider farina souffle one of the nicest supper dishes for children or the aged. It takes the place of both bread and meat.

Farina Souffle

One Serving

Put a half cupful of milk in the upper part of a double boiler; when hot add a grain of salt, and sprinkle in slowly two tablespoonfuls of farina; stir until it thickens, cover and cook ten minutes. Take from the fire, drop in the yolk of one egg, mix, and then fold in quickly the well-beaten white of the egg. Turn this into a baking dish and bake in a moderately quick oven thirty minutes.

Serve as a spoon bread and eat it with butter.

Gluten Mush

All gluten preparations are quickly prepared, and while most of them contain a considerable amount of starch, they are much richer in protein than ordinary cereals. They are better served with cream than milk. Do not use sugar.

To each half pint of water allow three tablespoonfuls of gluten flour. Sprinkle the dry flour slowly into cold water, stirring all the while; stand the vessel in another of hot water, or use a double boiler; cook twenty minutes and serve.

Cooked, Ready For Serving

We have in the markets of the United States an endless variety of the so-called prepared cereals. Some are good, some middling, others totally worthless. To serve, put them in the oven a few minutes to renew their crisp-ness, and then they may be served with fruit juices, milk or cream. Avoid sugar.