Wash through several cold waters a half cupful of granulated tapioca, cover it with one quart of cold water, soak over night in the refrigerator, or for two or three hours in a cold place. Turn it into a saucepan and add the juice of one lemon, a saltspoonful of salt, a pint of boiling water and a cupful of sugar; stir carefully over the fire until it reaches the boiling point, push it over a mild fire and cook fifteen minutes. Turn at once into molds and stand away to harden. Instead of adding the extra pint of water, wine may be added, but the cooking must be done before the wine is added.

This will be sufficient to last several days, and is a very easily digested form of starch. With cream this makes an admirable dessert for "bloodless" girls or in cases of anaemia, where both starch and fatty matter are called for.