Sauce Sabayon

Put a half pint of sherry in a double boiler, add a level teaspoonful of cornstarch moistened in a little cold milk, cook until the thickness of cream, add the yolk of one egg beaten with a tablespoonful of sugar, cook a minute, take from the fire and stand aside to cool. When cool, add the rasping of an orange.

Soft Custard Sauce

Put one gill (a half cupful) of milk in a saucepan, stand it over hot water until it is scalding hot. Beat the yolk of one egg with two teaspoonfuls of sugar, add the hot milk, return to the saucepan, stir over hot water until it will "coat" or cover a knife blade; be careful not to curdle. Take from the fire, and when cool, flavor.

Plain Pudding Sauce

Beat the yolks of two eggs until creamy, add slowly a half pint of boiling water, cook over the fire a minute, pour while hot into the well-beaten whites of the eggs, add a tablespoonful of powdered sugar and a tablespoonful of sherry or brandy, or this sauce may be flavored with the juice and a little grated rind of orange or lemon.

Cocoanut Sauce

Follow the preceding recipe, using cocoanut milk in place of plain water. Or use cocoanut milk in place of cows' milk in a soft custard sauce or Sabayon.

Cocoanut Cream Sauce

Stand cocoanut milk in a cold place over night. In the morning take off the cream, put it in a bowl and beat with an egg beater until it is light and frothy; heap it in a glass dish, and stand on the ice to harden. Use on gelatin, or fruit puddings in cases of diabetes or tuberculosis.

Nut Cream Sauces

Stir two rounding tablespoonfuls of nut butter into a half cupful of boiling water. Use plain, or slightly sweetened. For diabetic patients, however, it must be used without thickening or sugar. If it is too thick to pour, add boiling water. Almond paste or almond butter is preferable to other nut butters.

Fruit Juice Sauce

Simply express the juice of any fresh fruit, and use it at once. These fruit juices are palatable over gelatin desserts in cases of diabetes or obesity; they may be thickened and used for pudding sauces for invalidism, children, or the aged.