(From acer, sharp,) acerbity, sourness.


Sour, harsh; or a sourness with as-tringency; also bitter.


Acerides 40 (from α, negative, and wax ). Plasters made without wax.


(From Acerosus 42 chaff). It is used to signify that sort of brown bread which is made without first separating the bran; and in botany it is applied to a leaf which is surrounded at the base by branny scales.


Substances which readily run into the acid fermentation; sometimes applied to fluids in which this fermentation has commenced.


(From Acestides 43 a point). The names of the chimneys of the furnaces where brass was made. They were narrow at the top to receive the fumes of the melting metal, and to collect them, that the cadmia might be produced more abundantly. Also the roof of the furnaces in which copper is fused: they arc closed so as to detain the corpuscles which fly off.


See Borax.


(Acestoris 44 from to cure). It strictly signifies a female physician, and is used for midwife. Hence curable diseases are called Acestae.




(From acetum, vinegar,) a Ballad of c vegetables, to be eaten with vinegar, oil, and salt.


Pickles. The unripe melons, young cucumbers, the seeds of the nasturtium, are preserved with vinegar and rendered warmer with garlic and shallot, under this name. The East-india mango is a plum highly flavoured with garlic; and, in imitation of this flavour, cabbage shred in slips, broccoli heads, onions, etc. with garlic, and Cayenne pepper, are sold under the title of Pickalella. See Condiments.

Acetarium Scorbuticum

A kind of pickle, in which Dr. Bates advises scorbutic patients to dip their victuals before they eat it. It is thus made: R,. Fol. cochlear. marin. Acetarium Scorbuticum 49 iij. sacchar alb. vj. sal cochlear. i. bene contund. simul. et adde succ. aurant. vj.


See Acetosella.


See Aqua aluminosa under Alu-me.v.


An Indian plant much used by the natives as a remedy for venereal complaints: its genus is unknown.


A pain: in old authors the name of the apium palustre: the smallage.

Achia Achiar, Achar

The buds of the bamboo tree pickled with spices and other ingredients, imported from India to Holland in earthen vessels: they partake of the virtues and inconveniences of Pickles. See Condiments and Acetaria.


The fornix, or sudatorium, sudatory, of the ancient baths, which was a hot room to sweat in, called also archilholus.