Aes Coronarium

See Aes. Aes Ustum, burnt copper. -Thin plates of copper are laid stratum super stratum in a crucible, with sulphur and sea-salt; then they are placed over a hot charcoal fire, and there continued till all the sulphur is consumed, or until the plates can be reduced to a powder. If good, it is of an iron-grey on the outside< of a reddish grey within; and if two pieces are rubbed together, a vermilion red is produced: it must also be brittle and glittering when broken. It was formerly used for destroying fungous flesh, and drying up fistulous ulcers. With some aromatics, it has been given internally in epilepsies, and is recommended in diseases of the eyes.

If the burnt copper is made red-hot, and quenched in the ol. lini nine times, then powdered, it takes the name of saffron of copper.


(from Aeschynomene 216 I am ashamed) Spinosa; so called because it shrinks, as if ashamed, at the touch. See Caaco.

Aesculus Hippocastanum

See Hippo-castanum..


(From astus,summer,) freckles in the face. See Ephelides.


(From astus, heat, and Aestaphara 217 to bear). See Incineratio.


(From astuo, to be hot,) a vapour bath; sometimes stoves or machines for conveying heat to rooms. See Caldarium.


(From astus, heat). The boiling up, or rather the fermenting, of liquors when mixed.

Aestus Volaticus

(From astus,heat,and volo, to fly). Synonymous with phlogosis, according to Vogel. A sudden but transitory heat in the face.

Aethereal Oil

An animal or vegetable oil, highly rectified.


(From Aethiopis 220 to burn, and the face; so called because it is abundant in AEthiopia, and very hot climates,) Ethiopian clary. Salvia AEthiopis. Linn. Its leaves are like those of mullein, hairy and thick; the stalk is quadrangular, like that of balm; the seeds are two in a cell. A decoction of its roots is commended in pleurisies and rheumatisms; but is an inert insignificant remedy. Raii Hist.


This epithet is applied to many medicines from their black colour, like the skin of an AEthiopian.

----------------------- Pilul. R. Merc. pur. cum mu- .

cilag. e gum. Arab, extinct. 3 vi. sulph. ant. precip. res. guaiac. et mellis Aethiopice 222 ss. f. mas. et divid. in pilul.

No. ccxl. quarum detur i. ad iv. mane nocteque. These are in every respect equal to Dr. Plummer's in

AE T H 46 A F F point of usefulness, but not so apt to run off by a stool; see Plummeri pilulae.


(From Aetholices 225 to inflame or burn).

Superficial pustules in the skin raised by heat.

Aethusa Meum

See Meum.


AEtiology, (from Aetiologia 226 a cause,

Aetiologia 227 a discourse on). A treatise on the causes of diseases, and their symptoms.