Arytenoide E Cartilagines

See Aspera Arteria.


AENoides, vel Aretaenoides, (from Aryt 1239 a funnel, and shape. Hence from the shape it takes the name. The arytaenoid, or ewer-like cartilage; called also guttalis, and gutturiformis. An epithet of two cartilages, which, together with others, constitute the head of the larynx.

Arythmus Enrythmus

(From α, neg. and Arythmus Enrythmus 1241 a modulation, or modification of time and sound in music, but used to express order and harmony in general). Galen applies it to the pulse not modulating according to nature.

Every age hath its natural pulse, which, as long as it keeps in its due rythmus, or modulation of time and force, is called eurythmus; but if it deviates, it is a pulsus arythmus. If it runs into a modulation proper to the next age, it is pulsus pararythmus. If it changes to a pulse proper for any other age, it is called pulsus hetero-rythmus. If it passes into a modulation not proper to any age, it is then a pulsus ecrythmus, disorderly or irregular.

As, was a weight and a measure amongst the Romans, each of twelve ounces. See Cyathus.


(From the Hebrew word asa, to heal, or perhaps lasar, the old name of asafaetida).

Asadu Lcis Asadulcis Odorata

See Benzoinum.


See Borozail.

Asaba Hermes

(An Arabic term). It receives its name from Hermes, its inventor. But azaba meaning tinctured with yellow, as well as a finger, it may have been named from its colour. See Hermo-dactylus.


(Asaphon, Arab). See Sapo.


See AErugo AEris.


See Sanguis draconis.

Asagi And Asamaz

See Vitriolum.


See AErugo AEris.


Prepared sal ammoniac. See Alkali.


(From α, neg. and Asaphatum 1242 clear,) minute eruptions, hardly visible. A species of serpigo, or impetigo, seemingly generated in the pores like worms. When the skin is pressed, they come out like long threads, with black heads. It consists in a retention of the sebaceous substance, and forms threads by hardening in the ducts.


(From the same). Patients who do not utter their words distinctly.

Asaphia Asaphodes

It is the paraphonia palatina of Cullen. See Paraphonia. (It is derived from the same roots). Hippocrates uses this word to express a muffled hesitating tongue that hath no plain utterance; such a confused voice as proceeds from an indisposition of the organs of speech. Sometimes this word signifies a dubious kind of delirium not easy to be discovered.


See Asarum.


(From α, non. and Asarcon 1243caro ). Void of Flesh.

Asari Pulvis Comp

See Asarum.


The wine of asarum, made with must, or sweet strong wine, Asarites 1244 vi. and asarum three ounces.