See Amuleta.

Araca Miri

(Indian). A shrub growing in Brasil. It bears fruit in March and September, which tastes like a mixture of musk and strawberries; and when candied or made into a marmalade, is cooling and moderately astringent. The leaves and buds have the same qualities, and the root is diuretic and antidysen-teric. Raii Hist. The plant has not been systematically ascertained.

Ara Chne

(From arag, Hebrew, to weave). See Aranea.


(From Arachnoides 1127 a spider, and a form). See Aranea, and Pia mater.


See AEsecavum, under Aes

Abacus Aromaticus

See Vanilla.


(From Arados 1129 to be turbulent). Hippocrates means by it the perturbation excited in the stomach by digestion. It also signifies any perturbation in the body.


(From Araeon 1130 rare). Thin, rare, slow.

It is applied to breathing, as when we say the breathing is not frequent nor thick. The air is also said to be rare, when not too much condensed.

Araeo Tica

(From Araeo Tica 1131 to rarify). Things or medicines which rarify.

Ara Lda

See Digitalis.


LI A, (from Ara 1132 a bank in the sea; so called because it grows upon banks near the sea). Berry-bearing Angelica, Or Angelica Tree. The flowers consist of many leaves, which expand like a rose and are naked, growing on the top of an ovary. These flowers are succeeded by a globular fruit, which is succulent and full of oblong seeds. It is the aralia racemosa Lin. Sp. Pi. 393. In its naturalorder it has been usually arranged among the umbellifere, but Ven-tenat has separated it, and formed a new order from this genus, the araliacee The a. undicaulis grows in Canada, and is there called sarsaparilla, because its roots and virtues are nearly the same. See Miller's Diet, and Philos. Trans. Ab. vol. v. The a. octophylla and palmeta grow in China, and their bark is supposed to be useful in dropsies.

Aralia humilis. See Gensing,.

Araneosa Urina

Urine, in which is something like spider webs, with an oiliness on the top. It indicates a col liquation.


Pu Lsus. A spider like pulse. According to Galen, a small pulse that moves as if shaken by short puffs of air.


SeeAranea; also Astchachilos.

Arangia Arantia

See Aurantia Hispalensls.

Arara Fructus Secundus , Or Arara Fructus America Nus. {Ararah, Arab)

It is a tree of the juniper kind, growing in Cayenne; and when bruised is applied to ulcers. Raii Hist. Its genus has not been ascertained.


See Furor uterixus.


See Fuligo.


Arborescent, (from arbor, a tree). See Dendroides.

Arbuscula Corallii Or Coralloides

(A dim. of arber). See Corallodendron.

Arbuscula gummifera Brasiliensis. See Caaiopia.


(From arbor, a tree). An order of plants of the shrubby kind.