Na,(from Cheopi 2064 to pour, and to drink).

See Chopino.


(From Cheras 2066 to pour out). It is so called during its discharge. See Scrofula.


See Chaerophyllum.


(From Chernibion 2068 the hand, and to wash'). In Hippocrates it is an urinal, or rather a Wash-hand basin. Motherby.


(From Chersa 2070 earth ). See Faex.


An Arabian name for cataputia.


See Calidris Bellionii.


A double headed roller, applied by its middle below the chin; then running on each side, it is crossed on the top of the head; and passing to the nape of the neck, is there crossed: it next passes under the chin, where crossing, it is carried to the top of the head, until it is all employed. See Fascia.


(From Chezanance 2071 to go to stool, and necessity). It signifies anything that creates a necessity of going to stool; and in P. AEgineta it is the name of an ointment with which the anus is to be rubbed for this purpose. AEtius gives this name to a plaster, which was to have the same effect when applied to the navel.


A sweet fig; so named from Chio or Scio, where they are propagated.

Chia Terra

Earth of Chios, now called Scio, an island in the Archipelago. It is a grayish earth, brought from that island, formerly used as a sudorific in fevers, but now neglected. Fuller's earth, or pipe clay coloured, and impressed with proper signatures, are the general substitutes.

Chiacum Collyrium

In P. AEgineta it is a remedy for disorders of the eyes, of which the dry ingredients were bruised and infused in Armenian wine.


See Furunculus.


It is the meeting of any two things under the form of a cross, or of the letter x; whence it is named. The adverbs chiasti and chiasticos mean the same.


The name of a bandage in Oribasius. so called from its resembling the letter Chiastos 2073 See Fascia.


(From the same). A bandage for the temporal artery. It is a double headed roller, about an inch and a half broad, and four ells long. The middle is applied to the side of the head, opposite to that in which the artery is opened; and, when brought round to the part affected, it is crossed upon the compress that is laid on the wound, and then the continuation is over the coronal suture, and under the chin; then crossing on the compress, the course is, as at first, round the head, etc. till the whole roller is taken up. See Fascia.