(From Cotyledon 2421 cavity). The lateral bibulous, perishable lobe, or placenta of the seed, destined only to nourish the heart. The greater part of seeds have two lobes; some have more; some only one, and others none: hence a distinction of all plants into acotyledones, monocotyledones, dicotyledones, polycoty-ledones. (See Botany.) Some herbs, also, whose leaves are concave, and shaped like the cavity of the hip joint, bear this name.

Cotyledon, (from Cotyledon 2422 a cavity.) Cotyledon umbilicus veneris Lin. Sp. Pl 615. Acetabulum, cotyledon major, kidney wort, navel wort, and wall penny Wort.

Its whole appearance resembles house leek; the root thick, knotted, with many small fibres springing from it. It grows on old stone walls, and flowers in May. The leaves are slightly cooling, astringent, and diuretic; but are seldom used.

Cotyledon marinum. See Androsace.