(From cuspis, a point or spear). Pointed. In botany the term regards the apex only, when the leaves have the apex sharp like a spear, or terminating in a bristly point. Some of the teeth are called cuspidati. See Dentes.


(From caspae, Chaldean, a shell or bone, with which spears were formerly pointed). Properly the point of a spear: but it is applied to the glans penis; and is also the name of a bandage.

Custos Oculi

An instrument to preserve the eye in an operation.


(From cutis, the skin,and ambulo, to walk). A name of some worms either under the skin or upon it, which, by their creeping, cause uneasiness ' and pain.

Cutaneus Musculus

(From cutis, the skin; belonging to the skin). See Platysma myoides.

Cutaneum Ossis Coccygis Ligamen-Tum

It goes out anteriorly from the extremity of the os coccygis; is slender, and divides into two portions at the orifice of the anus, which run into the membrana adiposa, are inserted in the skin on each side of the anus by a kind of expansion, and continue to divaricate: they are lost on the sides of the perinaeum.

Cuticularis Membrana

(From cuticula). See Dura mater.


See Sphincter ani. Cutillae. Certain cold fountains in Italy, mentioned by Celsus and Pliny, which were used in baths. Cutio, (a cutis duritie, from the hardness of its skin). See Aselli.


See Terra Japonica.

Cyamos Aegyptiacus

See Faba AEgypTiaca.


(From Cyamus 2525 to bring forth; from its fecundity). Sec Faba. It also signifies a wood louse in the form of a bean. See Aselli.

Cyanus Orientalis Major Moschatus

Sweet Sultan, Or Sultan Flower. It is slightly cordial. Centavrea moschata Lin. Sp. Pi. 1286,a.


(From Cyar 2526 to pour out). Properly, the eye of a needle; but it is used to signify the orifice of the internal car. See Auris.


Brown spots in the lips, forehead, and hands of pregnant women.


(From cyathus, a cup, and forma, likeness'). In botany it means shaped like a cup, that is partly cylindrical, but expanding towards the top.


(From the same). The hollow part of a probe, formed in the shape of a small spout, as in an ear-picker.


See Cubitus.


See Cuboides.

Cycas Circinalis Seu Indica

See Palma Japonica.


(From Cyceon 2530 to mix; also cinnum, or cinnus). It is a mixture, of the consistence of pap, made with wine, honey, flour, and cheese; perhaps the macaroni of antiquity. This name was given to some ptisans; and to a kind of salad in which cheese was mixed. See also Oenus anthinos.


(From the same; so called from the mixture of the ore with lead to form litharge). See


Cyclamen Europaeum

(From Cyclamen Europaeum 2531 to surround; from the spiral coiling of its leaves and stalk). See Arthanita.


(From Cycliscus 2532 a circle). Seetrochis01. Also an instrument formerly used in the operation of the trepan.