Cyrtoides Cyrtoma

Gibbositas. Any preternatural tumour or gibbosity, (from Cyrtoides Cyrtoma 2585 humpbacked). In Vogel's Nosology, it signifies a particular flatulent tumour of the belly.


(From Cyrtonosus 2586 curved, and a disease). See Rachitis.


(From Cyssaros 2588 the breech). The anus, or rectum.


(From the Same). See Proctalgia. Cysteolithos, (from Cyssotis 2589 the bladder, and the stone). See Calculus. Cysticae Arteriae, (from the bladder).

The cystic arteries. The hepatic artery advances behind the ductus hepaticus towards the vesicola fellis, to which it gives two principal branches. These are called arteries cystica. See Hepatica arteria.

Cysticae venae, (from the same). A branch from the vena portae vcntralis. They run along the vesicula fellis, from its neck to the bottom; and as they often only two in number, they are called cystica gamellae.

Cystirrha Gia

(From Cystirrha Gia 2592 and to flow).

Discharge of the blood from the urinary bladder; generally symptomatic.

Cysticapnos Africa

Na Scandens, (from Cysticapnos Africa 2594 and smoke; from its pods resembling a brown bladder). See Fumaria alba.

Cysticus Ductus Ductus Vesicu-Laris

The neck of the gall bladder is formed by the contraction of its small extremity; and this neck bending afterwards, produces a narrow canal called the ductus, and meatus, cysticus. It conveys the gall from the gall bladder to the duodenum.

Cystica Ischuria

See Ischuria.


Encysted tumours, and those whose substance is included in a membrane.


A bag. It is applied to any receptacle of morbid humours (see Capsula.) and to the Vesica urinaria; q. v. Many complaints of the bladder are derived from this term, compounded with some other words, as cystitis, cystocele, cystorrhaea, etc. etc.


A small bladder.

Cystitis Cystiphlogia

(From Cystitis Cystiphlogia 2596 and inflammation ). See Inflammatio vesicae.

Cystoltthica Ischuria

(From Cystoltthica Ischuria 2598 and a stone ). A suppression of urine from a stone in the bladder. See Ischuria.


(From Cystophlegica 2600 and to strike J. A suppression of urine from a blow on the bladder. See Ischuria.