Vel Ezula. Spurge. There are many species of plants which bear this name, some of which rank under the article Tithymalus.

Esula Indica, tithymalus orientalis arborescens, 'triquetrus, spinosus, and talukghaha. The plant that produces the bogia gum differs not from this species of esula: but, as Sydenham observes, there are two species of gamboge; one collected from a plant called Cambodia, and the best sort from the codampulli. Euphor-bia antiquorum Lin. Sp. Pi. 646, though the latter plant is found not to furnish it.

The spurges generally agree in their containing a milky juice, which is violently emetic and cathartic; and, if applied to the skin, corrosive.

Esula major, tithymalus palustris fruticosus, tithymalus magnus multicaulis, great marsh spurge, and German spurge; also the garden spurge. Euphorbia palustris Lin. Sp. Pi. 662.

Esula marina. See Tithymalus maritimus.

Esula minor, also called pityusa, tithymalus folis pini tithymalo cyparissae similis, and pine spurge, or the countryman's rhubarb. Euphorbia cyparissias Lin. Sp. Pi. 661.

Esula solisequa. The sun spurge. See Tithymalus hei.ioscopus.