(From Heptapharmacum 4160 seven, and a medicine or remedy). A plaster or ointment, containing seven ingredients, viz. litharge, wax, colophony, fat, etc.

Heptaphy Llum

(From Heptaphy Llum 4162 seven, and a leaf). See Tormentilla.


(From Heptapleuron 4164 seven, and a rib, furnished with seven ribs). See Plantago la-tipolia.


See Carlina.


(From Heraclea, the city near which it grew). See Marrubium aquaticum.

Heraclei Os Or Heraclei Us

Herculean. Names of epilepsy, mania, and loadstone; from the great strength and power exerted.


Brought from Heraclea. See Origanum.

Heraclium Oleum

Supposed to be the oil of box wood.

Heraclius Lapis

See Magnes.

Herbatum Canadensium

Panacea mos-chatum; sweet scented all heal of America. Aralia racemosa Lin. Sp. Pl. 393. This plant is found in Canada; but is rather alimentary than medicinal.

Herculea Medicamenta

Named from their supposed extraordinary powers.

Hercules Bovii

The name of a once famous emetic and cathartic preparation.


Denominated in honour of Herman Boerhaave. The name of an African genus similar in virtue to the marsh mallows. None arc used in medicine; but if any have a claim to notice, it is the hermannia althaeifolia Lin. Sp. Pl. 141.


(From Hermaphroditus 4166 mercury, and Venus). An hermaphrodite; andria; a person supposed to be of both sexes; but the clitoris of a woman being of an extraordinary size, is all the peculiarity in this supposed species of the human kind. (See Chesclden's Anatomy.) In botanical language it is applied to flowers having both anther and stigma. Hence an hermaphrodite plant is that which has only hermaphrodite flowers.

Hermetica Medicina

Hermetical medicine, is the medical system adopted by the chemists, at present deservedly exploded and forgotten.

Hermeticum Sigillum

The securest means of inclosing fluids in a glass tube, viz. by melting the neck, and closing or twisting it with a pair of pincers.


(From hernia, arupture). Rupturewort; (from its supposed efficacy in curing ruptures). Polygonum minus, millegrana major, herniaria glabra Lin. Sp. Pl. 317, is a small spreading plant, found in sandy ground; flowers in June and July; supposed to be diuretic and astringent.


(From Herpeton 4173 to creep,) a creeping pustule or ulcer. Hippocrates.


A species of clupea, a rich, oily, and sufficiently wholesome food in strong stomachs. When dried in the smoke, they are very indigestible. The regular migration of herrings has been lately doubted, and their successive appearance on different shores accounted for from their coming to the shallower water for the purpose of depositing their spawn.