(From in, and spiro, to breathe). Inspiration; eispnoe, epipasmos. The action of the chest and diaphragm, by which the air is drawn into the lungs. See Respiratio.


(From instillo, to drop upon,") often synonymous with embrocatio.


(From incisto, to stay). A fillet; and a Taenia.


(From insufflo,to blow into). Blowing into any cavity, to convey any remedy to a part affected.


(From insulto, to attack). The first invasion or access of a paroxysm.


The decussation of the optic nerves. Paracelsus.


(From intego, to cover). Integuments; the cuticle, rete mucosum, cutis, and membrana cellularis; sometimes applied to particular investing membranes, as the coats of the eye.


(From in, non, and tempera, to moderate). Intemperance. Besides its usual signification, it sometimes is synonymous with dyscinesia.


(From in, non, and tempero, to mingle.) See Dyscinesia.


(From intendo, to stretch out). Intention. It is either extension or indication. Healing a wound"by the first intention," means when divided parts are placed in contact, and unite without any suppuration.


(From inlercipio, to stop). See Apolepsis.

Intercurrens Febris

(From inter, between, and curro, to pass). An intercurrent fever. Some fevers are epidemical in certain seasons only; others happen in all years, and are only occasionally epidemic. The former are called stationary; the latter, by Sydenham, intercurrents. See Sydenham's Works.

Intercurrens vel inteucidens pulsus. When between two strokes at proper distances a third quickly intervenes.


(From inter, between, and cutem, the skin). See Anasarca.


(From inter, between, and denies, teeth). The intervals between teeth of the same order.


(From inter,6elween,anddigit us, toe or finger). A corn between the toes.


(From inter, between, and femur, the thigh). See Perinaeum.


(From inter, between, and folium, a leaf). Proceeding from between opposite leaves.

Interluntus Morbus

(From inter, between, and luna, the moon; because it was supposed to affect chiefly those born in the wane of the moon). See Epilepsia.


(From intermitto, to discontinue). The intervals betwixt two fits of any distemper.


(From inter, between, and nodus, a joint,) that part of the stalks of plants which are between two joints or knots; in anatomy the knuckles, and the space between the joints of each finger.

Internuncii Dies

(From internuncio, to go between; as standing between the increase and decrease of the disease). See Critici dies.

Interpellatus Morbus

(From intorpello, to interrupt). A disease attended with irregular or uncertain paroxysms. Paracelsus.

Interpolatus Dies

(From interpolo, to renew). Days interpolated between two paroxysms. Paracelsus.


(From inter, between, and scapula, the shoulder blade). See Scapula.


(From inter, between, and septum, an inclosure). See Uvula and Septum narium.