There is now a clear explanation of the reason why there is such a strong democratic sentiment among the hordes of immigrants who have flooded this land since 1850. The two forces, centripetal and centrifugal, have been at work in all political organizations in Europe. We have explained that ever since prehistory the race which has been organizing governments, evolving civilizations and increasing the saturation point and the numbers of the peasantry, has been of the blond Aryan type, and that the mass of the people have had nothing to do with the government, being solely occupied with personal survival. Conquest or change of government from monarchy to republic has been meaningless to them. To a large degree survival compelled them to be opposed to the ruling class. Without this spirit the nations would have failed, for the ruling classes would have aggrandized more than their share of the commonwealth. It was a healthy, natural, necessary, democratic spirit, looking after the health and safety of the units. As a matter of inheritance, then, the survivors among the peasantry are democratic. The European peasant knows that central governments have taken from him and his ancestors a great deal of personal liberty, but he does not know that this was necessary to organization and that without it he would not have been born. It is a pity that they cannot understand the matter, for then they would know that in America, future organization will necessarily take more and more of our personal liberty.

In Germany there is now a great agitation on this point. The democratic spirit actuates the majority of the voters so that their policies in the Reichstag are believed to be gradually disintegrating the organism - the Empire. The saturation point will be lowered, and starvation or emigration be necessary instead of that supersaturation they now enjoy with imported foods, secured by a strong army, navy and merchant marine. Hence, there is general alarm, and the present discussion is around the proposition that the safety of the peasants demands that they be excluded from the franchise which they are now using for their own destruction.

The strong spirit of local independence among the petty German states, which refuse to coalesce into a firmly welded mass, is due to another cause - the spirit of Aryan democracy which has already welded each of them into a complete organism. Nevertheless, it is part of this strong decentralizing force which is worrying the makers of a Greater Germany.

Tolstoy saw these disruptive democratic forces in the first Duma and was, therefore, opposed to it, as inimical to the Russian nation. He also saw the same tendencies of the same people who are flocking to America, and he predicts the downfall or disruption of this nation. Later Dumas excluded them - so must we.

Democracy's struggle for more than is good for it is shown by the present fight against the conservative and centralizing powers of the House of Lords, a body composed of the forces which have held the British Empire together for a thousand years - at least what might be called an Empire, that which was welded by William the Conqueror. The liberal or democratic party is in power, and naturally wants to remove restrictions to the liberty of the units. It will be a sad day for English democracy when it removes the balance wheel which prevents it flying to pieces. They need governors as much as an engine, and the House of Lords, though in sad need of reform, is a survival of what has proved best in the past. The same types in America show similar tendencies to elect senators directly, to make that body more responsive to public opinion and less of a balance wheel.

Immigrants should be republicans, for the natural policy of that party is to give equal though restricted liberty to all and forever prevent that enslavement of lower types which always results from a democratic competition of higher and lower races. Under democratic principles all these lower Turanians and Mediterraneans are sure to sink into a lower layer, as they have in all ancient Aryan democracies, and as the negroes have sunk in our South.

As a rule, then, excepting in such localities as the South, where the negro element has forced a consolidation of white men, we find that when Europeans divide on political questions the blond Aryan, except recent arrivals, tends more to the republican party, while the brunet Semites (or Mediterranean type), and the brunet Turanian elements (Alpine type), flock to the democratic party. It is like the other well-known fact that blonds tend to Protestantism and brunets to Catholicism (Greek or Roman). Hence, it is a strange outcome of anthropology that we should thus find, that while there are believers of every religious sect in each political party in the United States, there is a marked tendency of Protestants to side with republicans and Catholics with democrats. This is the opposite of the conditions in Europe, where the greatest democracy exists among the Protestant governments, while the least is found among the Catholic, and it does seem as though Protestantism is to be the dominant religion of the world even if Catholicism should become numerically dominant in America, as now seems certain.