North America includes British America, the United States, Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. The boundary line between the UnitedStates and Canada is marked by a row of iron pillars, earth mounds, cairns and red timber posts to. show the divi-sion. The Rio Grande River for part of the way and posts mark its line of division from Mexico.

Danish America includes Greenland and Iceland. Greenland is a large wedge-shaped island or series of islands surrounded by an icy sea. Its interior is a desolate expanse of glacier and snow. The principal settlements of Greenland are on the western coast. Most of the inhabitants are Esquimaux, with a few hundred Europeans, chiefly Danes. Barley and a few vegetables ripen on the southwestern coast. Seal skin, whale oil, eiderdown and furs are exported. In northern Greenland the sun is below the horizon seventy-nine days - a long night. Their summer days are sometimes warm, but snow-storms come even in Jul}7.

Iceland might more properly be called "Fireland." It is evidently of volcanic origin. The greater part is uninhabited, being covered with lava-beds, glacier-fields and mountains. There are also hundreds of hot springs and geysers. The inhabitants are chiefly of Scandinavian descent, intelligent and well educated. The Protestant religion I 19 prevails. Sheep and cattle are raised in the southern part of the islands. The Governor is appointed by the King of Denmark.

British America comprises the Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, and embraces all of North America north of the United States except the Danish Islands, Greenland and Iceland, and embraces a total area of 3,700,000 square miles.

Newfoundland is the only one of the British provinces in North America which has not joined the federation forming the Dominion of Canada. Its total area is 42,000 square miles, with a population of 210,000. Newfoundland lies nearer Europe than any other part of America. Its interior has not yet been fully explored. It is noted for its dense fogs and bold, rocky cliffs.

St. John, the capital is the only important town with a fine harbor. Fishing is the principal industry.

Religiously the inhabitants are divided as follows: Church of England, 72,000; Roman Catholics, 75,000; Wesleyans 49,000.

The Government is administered by the Governor, appointed by the Crown, assisted by an Executive Council (not exceeding seven members), a Legislative Council (not exceeding fifteen members), and a House of Assembly consisting of thirty-six Representatives.

Labrador is a vast wilderness uninhabited by civilized man, with the exception of a few settlements along the coast where fishermen from Canada and the United States swarm in summer.