With a population of 2,433,806 and 25,-041 square miles of territory, the little Kingdom of Greece, only about two-thirds the size of the State of Maine, sits unique among the monarchies of Europe. Surrounded by islands, and penetrated by the sea, it was a natural starting-point for the introduction of the civilization of the Egyptians and the Phoenicians into Europe - modified and improved.

The ancient Greeks were a beauty-loving, song-making, cultured nation, and it is to them that modern civilization owes more than to any other ancient people. The islands of Greece have been famous in song and story longer than any other land. In the days of Homer Crete had at least one hundred cities. Athens, the modern capital of Greece, was for centuries the centre of the world's civilization. Its population at present is 115,000.

Greece is bounded on the north by Turkey in Europe ; on the east by the AEgean Sea; on the south by the Mediterranean Sea; and on the west by Turkey and the Ionian Sea. Religion - Greek Orthodox Church with the exception of 46,000. Government - Limited monarchy. Executive, the King. Legislative, the Boule (Chamber of Deputies), consisting of 150 representatives. Education - There are 2,600 schools attended by 140,000 pupils, and one university with 2,400 students.

King George, son of King Christian of Denmark, is the present sovereign of Greece. He was born in 1845, and ascended the throne in 1863, at 17 years of age.