This country has increased rapidly in population during recent years. It now has about 35,000,000 subjects, with a territory of 114,610 square miles.

Italy was formerly called Rome, which empire included, in the process of time, nearly all the known world. Latterly it has been designated as the " Garden of Europe " and the "Cradle of Art."

"A land of art and beauty rare, Of sunny skies and balmy air."

The Peninsula of Italy projects into the Mediterranean Sea, which forms its southern boundary. On the north it is bounded by Austria and Switzerland; on the west by France and the Tyrrhenian Sea; and oh the east by the Adriatic Sea. Religion - Roman Catholic, but about 62,000 Protestants and 38,000 Jews. Government - Limited monarchy, Executive, the King ; Legislative, the Parliament, consisting of two Chambers-the Senate of 367 members, made up of the Royal Princes and any number of distinguished men above forty years of age who are nominated by the King; the second Chamber, that of the Deputies, consists of 508 members elected by the people. Education - Italy has twenty-one universities with about 14,000 students. Her primary schools are mostly parochial, or are conducted under the direction of the Catholic Church. The majority of the people are unable to read or write.

Rome, the capital of Italy, has a population of over 500,000 and is famous for its ruins. art schools and fine buildings, as well as for the fact that it is the home of the

Pope, the head of the Catholic Church. The ancient city was situated on seven hills. Modern Rome stands on a plain northwest of these hills, and is surrounded by a wall fifteen miles in circuit.

St. Peter's Cathedral at Rome is the largest and grandest in the world, and The Vatican, a palace of the Pope, has many thousand rooms, and the most valuable picture-gallery in the world. Its museum of statuary is nearly a mile in length. The Coliseum at Rome is the grandest ruin in the world. This and the Catacombs - subterranean passages and chambers extending far under and around the city - together with the ruins of the Forum, constitute objects of unending interest to students. In fact, with Naples, Pompeii, and Vesuvius added to the foregoing, there is much in Italy to tempt the tourist.

The present King, Victor Emmanuel III., was born in 1869, and acceded to the throne after the assassination of his father, King Humbert, in 1900.

In addition to home territory and population already mentioned, Italy has colonies in Abyssinia numbering 4,500 inhabitants, 189,000 square miles; in Eritrea 660,000 inhabitants, 56,000 square miles, and on the Somal Coast 210,000 inhabitants, 70,000 square miles.